Osho on Love, Freedom and Aloneness
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A long time ago I read a book by the Indian mystic Osho: Love, Freedom & Aloneness – The Koan on Relationships. This is one of those rare gems that explains and perhaps introduces you to the authentic love that is sorely missing from life. The taboo that is sex, the misunderstandings about love, and

Announcing the next TED Africa 2008 in Cape Town!
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It seemed that all discussions around the next TED Africa had gone quiet. Now I get this email in my Inbox and the excitement from Tanzania returns with thunder! Wow I knew Cape Town is a good choice, but I’m biased because I spend so much time there. Anyway read my own blogging from TEDGlobal

Michael Tsarion on Relationships
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What is a “Relationship?” Is it: Dependency under another name? Insecurity under another name? Vampirism under another name? I’m empty and I need you. You’re empty and you need me!…(often called “Falling in Love“). Christians were told marriage was an alternative to damnation. Better to marry than burn! Fear paves the way. Relationships! The bane

Taalgenoot interview on the impact of Technololgy on Human Relationships
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1. How does communication technology change the interaction of people (for example: from as young as 11 years children start to MXit and spend as much as 3 hours per day in their own virtual world.. But on Facebook long lost friends can keep in contact. Kindly give positive and negative comment) Technology allows people

Severn Suzuki speaks at UN Earth Summit in 1992 about loving the Environment
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Boys don’t cry? Well maybe it’s good for boys to cry every now and then. This video brought tears to my eyes because of how sincere and deep the message is by Severn Suzuki. In 1992, at the age of 12, Suzuki raised money with members of ECO, the Environmental Childrens Organization (a group she

Eben Pagan interviewed by Joe Polish about Hiring Tips
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In this video series Eben Pagan is interviewed by Über-information marketer Joe Polish. I just signed up for his Genius Network Interviews and I’m blown away by the content of the interviews and the value for money. Anyway Eben Pagan is the founder of the Altitude program and is extremely astute entrepreneur and trainer. In

New Books from Take2 this November
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I’ve been checking out Take2 for a long time because its prices are just the best in South Africa. Take2 is one of those online retail stores like Kalahari.net and the international poster boy Amazon.com which offers a selection of books, music CDs, DVDs and other products. What I really love about Take2 is that

Keys to keeping kids safe online
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Net filters, Web sites help shield children from predators By Jeff Smith, Rocky Mountain News Englewood physician Gregory Papadeas already has gone through the experience of his 9-year-old seeing an obscene image inadvertently pop up on a computer screen. She told him about it. He’s already gone through the frank talk with his 13-year-old daughter

Gauteng Online is a failure doomed from the beginning
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What where they thinking when the Gauteng department of Education promised to connect all the schools in Gauteng to the Internet within 5 years? This is a rhetorical questions about the stupidity of infrastructure projects of this nature. The government themselves are the most inefficient users of technology and with this project they were meant

What I learned from Bruce Lee about Flowing in Relationships
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It’s been months since I’ve been to my Tai Chi class and I’m starting to feel really itchy about it. So even though I’ve been doing my Tai Chi Chuan at home its not the same as doing in a group. One of the things I’ve done to console myself is to go back to