Monthly Archives: November 2007

  • Osho on Love, Freedom and Aloneness

    A long time ago I read a book by the Indian mystic Osho: Love, Freedom & Aloneness – The Koan on Relationships. This is one of those rare gems that explains and perhaps introduces you to the authentic love that is sorely missing from life. The taboo that is sex, the misunderstandings about love, and… Read more »

  • Announcing the next TED Africa 2008 in Cape Town!

    It seemed that all discussions around the next TED Africa had gone quiet. Now I get this email in my Inbox and the excitement from Tanzania returns with thunder! Wow I knew Cape Town is a good choice, but I’m biased because I spend so much time there. Anyway read my own blogging from TEDGlobal… Read more »

  • Michael Tsarion on Relationships

    What is a “Relationship?” Is it: Dependency under another name? Insecurity under another name? Vampirism under another name? I’m empty and I need you. You’re empty and you need me!…(often called “Falling in Love“). Christians were told marriage was an alternative to damnation. Better to marry than burn! Fear paves the way. Relationships! The bane… Read more »