27Dinner launches in Port Elizabeth

27Dinner for the uninitiated are meetings arranged by and for bloggers or people interested in social media. They take the form of an informal dinner with a few speakers and have been a hit across South Africa. In Johannesburg and Read More →

10 Strategies for coping with Scary Times from Dan Sullivan

Dan Sullivan, founder of the Strategic Coach has published an updated version of his classic, The “Scary Times” Success Manual: Transforming anxiety about the future into strategic growth, progress and achievement. These strategies seem like common sense but you rarely Read More →

How to stop smoking one day at a time

There are some addictions that are so common you may believe they are normal like drinking coffee or for some people smoking a cigarette. I was probably 12 years old when I tried my hand at smoking one of my Read More →

Two simple steps to reducing your cellphone stress levels today

As far back as 2005 WebMD reported on how cell phones raise stress levels. And more specifically how it is blurring the lines between your professional life and your personal life. Now in South Africa you add in the frustration Read More →

WordPress Blogging wp-content/1/ Trojan Malware Virus

It’s been 4 years since I left the IT security profession to focus on research and training. However, I am glad to have this background because it helped me to appreciate the subtlety of this hack into the WordPress blogging Read More →

Our kids are being bullied to death

written by Prega Govender 100 children tried to kill themselves in the past year because of their classmates’ cruelty When a Johannesburg schoolgirl missed class for a week after her father was shot in a hijacking, she expected fellow pupils Read More →