Technology Stress presentation at Joburg 27Dinner
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This is the presentation delivered at the 27Dinner event in Johannesburg. I will be updating this post with a summary of the key points discussed. Although you can download the file from because it has sources and references in the presentation notes. | View | Upload your own  

Are robots the sex partners of the future?
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This article is a few months old but I wanted to highlight it because it illustrates the state of affairs when it comes to how technology is replacing human experience. Read the full story: hardwired for love here. Technology can never replace human experience because it is a simulation of the real world. However, if

Ever heard Israel Kamakawiwo'ole singing Somewhere over the Rainbow?
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Well up until this weekend I never heard of this guy. However, like me you it is very likely you have heard his medley of Somewhere over the Rainbow/What a wonderful world. Israel was an award winning Haywain singer who lived from 20 May 1959 to 26 June 1997. What a coincidence tomorrow is 20

How healthy a blogger are You?
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This is the full interview for a story published on Health24 on 12 May 2008. Questions 1: As we are a health website, the article is mostly focused on the psychology of blogging. Why do you think people blog and why do you think it’s so popular? People have an inherent desire to express themselves.

TEDAfrica 2008 suspended, a temporary setback for South Africa
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According to an email from Chris Anderson, the curator of the TED Conference, TEDAfrica due to be held in Cape Town at the end of September 2008 has been suspended. This news has also been posted on the TED Blog where I have already posted a comment and I encourage you to do so as

Wanna start your own Internet Cafe in 2008?
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After many, many requests the next date for the 2008 Internet Cafe workshop has been set. Please note I only do ONE workshop every 6 months like this. The next one will be in Cape Town in November. ** All workshops have been postponed till 2009 ** Now I am proud to announce I have

Visualize The Secret to Planet Earth from South Africa
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The Secret has caused a stir worldwide, especially after the book was published. Some people love it and some may hate it but I does get people thinking differently. Maybe it is to simplistic and maybe its just the way it was always meant to to be. Both Larry King and Oprah has interviewed the

What does 7.5 million MXit users mean to Parents
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It’s been a while since I reported on the growth of MXit. And I finally found a confirmation of the current numbers from this Moneyweb article. The worldwide growth has now reached 7.5 million users with 6.5 million in South Africa. And that means 1 million international users. This is 43 million off from their