First Internet Cafe Workshop Johannesburg 2007After many, many requests the next date for the 2008 Internet Cafe workshop has been set. Please note I only do ONE workshop every 6 months like this. The next one will be in Cape Town in November.

** All workshops have been postponed till 2009 **

Now I am proud to announce I have an excellent business trainer with me, Yusuf Mahomedy, who regularly writes for The Star Workplace and HR Future on employment and jobs. He will teach all the basics of moving from employment to self-employed and running a business that employs people. While I will focus on the Internet business strategies, computer hardware and networking equipment and software for time management and billing your Internet time. There is going to be an interactive Q&A section so write out all your questions before hand and we will answer them in detail. Also bring along any documentation like business plans or application forms for government funding.

What is this training worth to you? A 4-hour half-day workshops covering:

  • Small business basics
  • Bookkeeping, Tax, UIF, hiring employees
  • Government funding vs loans
  • Internet Cafe set-up (hardware/software)
  • Direct marketing strategies with flyer’s, SMS, etc
  • Ongoing training for you and your staff
  • Billing & Time management system to sell airtime
  • VOIP set-up and packages
  • Additional revenue streams
  • Business plan basics
  • Q&A about your situation, your location

You can save hundreds of hours of research because I have done that already for you. You will receive my recommendations on all equipment and what Internet connections to use because I have evaluated most of the options for the best price/performance ratios. Translated this could save you thousands of Rands, which can be better spent on your own training and marketing. You can get going quicker, and have more confidence of the success of your new small business venture: An Internet Cafe or to help you have more freedom, more cash flow and create jobs while uplifting your communities computer literacy and giving them access the world through email, VOIP and the Web.


Date: Saturday, 31 May 2008
Venue: Sandton Library (on Nelson Mandela Square)
Time: 8am-12h30pm (4 hours)
Cost: R300 per person or R500 for 2 people

RSVP: Cell. 082 9407137 with your # of people and your full contact details.

You will receive a CD with audio, video resources on strategic planning, business building, marketing and sales. It also contains a sample Internet Cafe business plan. And 1-hour consultation (value R750) with me to discuss your needs in private. This may have to be done telephonically (at your cost) as I travel frequently across South Africa on lectures and talks.