Move magazine interview about other women

Move magazine interview about other women Recently I was asked to answer some questions for Move magazine. I normally wait until after they go to print before publishing it on my own blog. That other women Question – I met this guy last year in May Read More →

MXit responds to offensive lists of shame

In May 2007 the South African blogosphere was shook to its core with the abusive allegations from the SA Male Prostitute Blogger. Patricia de Lille, leader of the Independent Democrats party, took this personal and raged a campaign against blogging Read More →

Buying The Secret in South Africa is a bad idea!

Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles Last week I went to purchase some ink for my Lexmark printer at CNA. While there I asked the saleslady whether they had a copy of The Secret DVD (not the book!). As it turns out they were sold out. Read More →

Khaya Dlanga does The Skype Dance

Khaya Dlanga is South Africa’s top video blogger with over 10,000 subscribers to his Youtube channel. His most recent video is a hilarious little dance move he calls the Skype Dance. If you want to know more about Skype, download Read More →

The Mobile Menace – Cellphone Matters

Please pick-up a copy of the current issue of Drum magazine, 24 July 2008, and read the two pages 44 and 45 for the article “The Mobile Menace“, which has the following 7 tips I share with parents. 1. Don’t Read More →

Avoiding the uninspiring Flying Solo Unconference

At the Cape Town 27Dinner event in June 2008, Jo Duxbury made a great pitch for people to attend the first Flying Solo Unconference in Cape Town and Johannesburg. I really liked the idea because it was all about sharing Read More →