Dr John Demartini embraces Police Officer in Cape TownOver 600 senior police men and women flocked to the Montecasino Ballroom in Johannesburg and a week later a further 600 to The Westin Grand CT Arabella Quays to hear human behavioural specialist Dr John Demartini speak about ways in which they could empower their positions as police men and women in South Africa.

This Demartini Institute initiative, partnered by The Star (Independent Newspaper Group) and The Community Policing Forum (CPF), was designed to inspire and empower the people who play such an integral role in protecting South Africans. This is the second presentation to the SAPS, the purpose of the first talk was to inspire vision whereas this second talk was designed to address practical steps to assist the SAPS take their inspiration into action.

Dr Demartini pointed out that they (the police) are at this talk which means they truly care and are receptive to innovative ideas. “You obviously have a vision to protect society or you wouldn’t have joined and sustained your police service and whether you realize it or not your very presence makes everyone become more accountable,” he said. He likened their fight against crime to moving a large boulder. It is tough at first, but the boulder starts moving slowly and it eventually gains great speed or momentum. ”You can create or build almost anything through persistent action and by momentum and this can be applied successfully to crime fighting.”

Dr Demartini said life is designed to be challenging and only through challenge can we grow. He explained that focusing on problems alone is futile and that great things can be achieved by concentrating efforts on solutions and by taking accountable actions. Dr Demartini shared that in most of his talks and interactions in South Africa, in his experience the majority of South Africans are truly behind the police force and are grateful for their persistent efforts and accomplishments. He urged them to hold onto their vision of possibility, have clear objectives and apply prioritized actions that have a high probability of achievement and make sure that their vision is bigger than any criminal’s. “If man can set foot on the moon through one man’s vision, you can, as a collective force, change the crime statistics in South Africa,” he said.

Special thanks go to:

Montecasino and Dalene Devereux in Johannesburg and The Westin Grand CT Arabella and Martin van Oordt in Cape Town for assisting this crime combating drive by arranging and sponsoring the talk venues and to Gear House (Kelvin) and Integrity Sound (Alex) for sponsoring the sound equipment. To Commissioner Naidoo, Commissioner Reddy and DCP Daniels for their time, trust and permission to activate our vision of empowering and inspiring police men and women in South Africa. To Moegsien Williams, Editor of The Star (Independent Newspaper Group) for activating the opportunity and assisting in the coordination of these events. To Lionel and Geoff Green from the CPF for their invaluable insights. To Tracy O Brien for the introductions that made this all possible. Most importantly, thank you to the men and women in South Africa who dedicate their lives to the service of South African society, you are the heroes within South Africa and your actions make a difference in the lives of many every day.

A Special Note:

When someone believes in you, you increase in self worth and rise to the occasion. Long-term visionaries know to stay the course. They don’t focus on how things aren’t being done; they wisely look at what is being done and what can be done. They are solution orientated, not problem focused. As a nation, hold a vision for South Africa, don’t let outer forces deter your vision and actions towards it; look for what is working; acknowledge the heroes; be grateful for the men and women who put their lives on the line to protect and serve South African society. When you see the genius in another, you have the power to awaken the genius you see. Acknowledge the heroes and show your gratitude, for when you are grateful, you get more to be grateful for.