My Taoism interview with Kate Turkington

A few weeks ago I did my first interview with Kate Turkington on Talk Radio 702 and Cape Talk. My good friend Reuel Leach recorded it for me and emailed me the mp3 file of this interview for download soon afterwards. Whatever you know about Taoism is probably limited to the many myths about Eastern religion and philosophy. This interview was during a very stressful period in my life. And its always been my goal to let go of things, especially goals. In this interview I reference the excellent modern translation of the Tao Te Ching by Ron Hogan.

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Joburg Internet Cafe workshop postponed

Nelson Mandela Square, Sandton CityDue to unforeseen circumstances I’ve been forced to move the date of the next Internet Cafe workshop schedules for this Saturday. The primary reason for this is that I’ve been on a short break in Uitenhage and on Sunday missed my flight back to Johannesburg. My car has been parked at OR Tambo airport for 3 weeks and I have to drive directly to Rustenburg from Tuesday till Thursday to deliver 7 talks to parents, teachers and children at Selly Park Convent Primary School, Selly Park High School, Fields College Primary School. Fields College High School and Lebone II.

So the new date is Thursday, 18 March 9am-5pm. And the venue remains Sandton Library on Nelson Mandela Square. Any queries? Please post your questions below as comments. More updates will be posted on this announcement.

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Jacob Zuma wedding photos

While people reacted in strange and interesting ways, I found great pleasure in our country’s president celebrating in marriage in the traditional Zulu way. It really is my belief that when we look back in history Zuma will be judged a much better president than Thabo Mbeki.


Connecting with… Sam Gosling: Facebook Psychologist

This is originally from the Facebook Blog:

Sam Gosling researcher psychologistAt Facebook, we’re constantly connecting with interesting people—from experts in their field, academics and researchers to celebrities or visitors to our office. Occasionally, we’ll share these conversations on the Facebook Blog in our “Connecting with….” series. I had the opportunity to speak with Sam Gosling, professor of psychology at The University of Texas at Austin and author of “Snoop: What your stuff says about you.” He recently published research that found that people are expressing their real personalities on social networks like Facebook, rather than inflated takes on themselves.

What made you interested in researching the psychology behind people’s profile on Facebook and social networking generally?

I think it was a confluence of two different forces. First, I had already done a lot of research on how you can look at people’s physical spaces as reflections of what people are like and how people use that physical space to communicate messages to others and make them feel certain ways. …It just seemed quite a natural extension to apply this approach to a virtual space…

Second, so many people are on the social networking sites. And although from the outside their activities may appear frivolous, they clearly aren’t because so many people devote so much time and psychological energy to them.

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Links and Link Anchor Text… Vital Info

Another gem from SEO guru Tony Roocroft, a mentor and friend.

Critical to SEO Success: Link Popularity and Link Relevancy.

  • Links: You need them.
  • Links: You need lots of them.
  • Links: You need lots of RELEVANT or RELATED links

Links on a web page enable the visitor to move around within and without a website easily.

A significant proportion of any website’s visitors will probably arrive at the site or page from a direct search query. By this I mean if a searcher types in good cheddar cheese he will be taken directly to a page about good cheddar cheese. On the other hand the searcher may have come from a link elsewhere maybe the searcher had been looking at a completely different site about English cheeses and saw a link to the site about good cheddar cheese.

When I review my own websites logs I find that about 60% of all page views come from search engines. The rest from other links or bookmarks.

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Dollars and White Pipes

Dollars and White Pipes movieHey I know I’m a few years behind in noticing this movie. My friend Ra-eef Wicomb brought this to my attention today. So here’s the write-up from Video Vision, the main production company, and the trailer from Youtube follows below:


Dollars And White Pipes, the stylish Cape Flats film produced by Videovision Entertainment will have its international premiere at the Montreal World Film Festival where it will be featured in its “Focus On World Cinema” category. The Festival takes place from August 26 to September 5. Dollars And White Pipes, which is written and directed by Donovan Marsh, is based on the true life story of Bernhard Baatjies who grew up in the Cape Flats suburb of Hanover Park. Marsh wrote the script in collaboration with Bernard Baatjies.

Dollars And White Pipes is the feature film debut of director, Donovan Marsh who is known for the popular television series Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? and MTN Gladiators. Marsh also directed the award-winning short film, Dead End for Videovision Entertainment.

Dollars And White Pipes is a rags to riches story which follows Bernhard journey from the drug and gang culture to emotional and moral independence as he overcomes issues of race, education, addiction and racketeering and finally becomes a well respected and law abiding business entrepreneur – which he still is today.

Dollars And White Pipes is an inspirational and original South African story and we are delighted to having its international premiere at the Montreal World Film Festival,” said producer, Helena Spring. “We are thrilled to have made a film that reflects a true life story that is incredibly motivating and very uplifting. Bernhard has emerged as a positive role model for all South Africans. We are also pleased to be continuing our relationship with M-Net’s local production initiative which began with association with Yesterday,” added Spring.

Director, Donovan Marsh commented, “Five years ago a man I didn’t know sat down next to me and told me his life story. For two hours he enthralled me. I told him I was going to make it into a movie. He laughed. Today we are the best of friends and Dollars and White Pipes is the incredible story of his life and a fascinating glimpse into a unique South African sub-culture. I am delighted that Dollars and White Pipes will be featured at the Montreal World Film Festival affording international audiences an insight into the life of Bernhard Baatjies.”

Dollars And White Pipes is a Videovision Entertainment production in association with M-Net and stars a host of Cape talent, among whom are Clint Brink (Generations), Joey Yusuf Rasdien, Shaun Arnolds, Genevieve Howard and Nikki Nelson. The film is produced by Anant Singh and Helena Spring, executive produced by Sanjeev Singh and Sudhir Pragjee, written by Donovan Marsh and Bernhard Baatjies and directed by Donovan Marsh.

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New editor for SA's oldest online tech mag

Sean Bacher journalist editor technology gadgetsVeteran technology journalist Sean Bacher has been appointed editor of South Africa’s longest-running online technology magazine, Gadget. The appointment comes as Gadget prepares to celebrate its 12th year online, and plans a heavy focus on the technology of the World Cup.

“It’s a landmark year for South Africa, so it is a privilege for me to be at the heart of covering the developments that help shape its outcome,” says Bacher.

He started his journalistic career writing for the technology section of The Star in 1999, reviewing high-end technical products, and gradually evolving to consumer and business technology. He has had stints with FHM, Africa Geographic and Elle, before taking up a technical journalist position at Computing SA. He then moved on to become editor of Computing SA in 2005.

“The market has changed dramatically in the past 12 years, both in gadgetry and in media,” says Bacher, “and this year promises to increase that pace of change even more dramatically. It’s the right place and the right time to be in online media.”

Gadget is published by World Wide Worx. The company’s MD, Arthur Goldstuck, who previously won the Electronic category in the Telkom ICT Journalist of the Year awards for his work in Gadget, will continue to act as editor-in-chief. Gadget’s senior reviewer, Steven Ambrose, who is also MD of WWW Strategy, is appointed associate editor.


* Sean Bacher can be contacted on:

Tel: +27 82 9951510



Skype: seanbacherza


Toyota crisis shakes hometown, and Japan Inc. too

As a driver of a Toyata car this news is sad indeed…

By Kimiko de Freytas-Tamura (AFP)

There is a saying in Toyota’s hometown that when the auto giant sneezes, the whole city falls ill. But the symptoms of its recall crisis look set to be felt far beyond “Japan’s Detroit”. No flashy signs or advertisements are necessary to remind visitors to the company town in central Japan that it is the birthplace of the world’s largest carmaker. The name — Toyota City — speaks for itself.

But the group’s influence extends well beyond the city limits, and concerns are mounting across Asia’s biggest economy that Toyota’s massive global safety recalls will tarnish the brand image of Japan Inc as a whole. Japan’s biggest company — which employs more than 300,000 people around the world — has long been a source of pride for the nation.

Its cars dominate the roads, used by millions of Japanese including the royal family and the prime minister. Toyota’s success mirrored the country’s post-war economic miracle, driven by the success of its carmakers and other exporters. Nowhere are the company’s woes felt more keenly than in the eponymous city, renamed in 1959 in recognition of Toyota’s growing importance.

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Using MXit on Your BlackBerry

BlackBerry Curve 9320Even though BlackBerry has it own Instant Messaging software, 17 million MXit users make it very appealing to use the MXit application on your BlackBerry with unlimited Internet.

So, you’ve got a Blackberry and you want to MXit with your friends. Now you can – just download MXit and ‘Join the MXit Evolution’

1. To download MXit Blackberry – open your browser and type in
2. Quick and easy upgrades – registration info is captured in MXit, so it’s only one click from the WAP site when you need to upgrade.
3. Change your language as you go – this can now be done inside MXit – no need to download again. Go to Menu -> Settings -> Language.
4. No more mood swings – your mood and presence will not disappear when you log out.
5. Never be late again – check the time in your chat screen.
6. Say goodbye– set a template farewell message: Menu -> Settings -> My Profile. When you log off, this message will be sent to all the contacts you have chatted to.
7. Forward frenzy – you can now forward to a list of contacts or to a group – remember this costs 10 Moola per person.
8. Invite all your friends – send an SMS referral. Go to Menu -> contacts -> Invite via SMS. Type in the cell number and invite message. Remember, your service provider will bill you at standard SMS rates.
9. Personalise – you can load a picture as your skin background (coming soon).

source: BlackBerry Application on MXit

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Striking teachers are full of shit, allowing children to suffer

When I was in high school there was a massive teachers’ strike during 1990. This was my Standard 8 or Grade 10 year and we did not have a permanent principal at Uitenhage High School. This was also a time for massive changes in the South African political landscape with Nelson Mandela being released and the ANC with other political parties being unbanned.

It is a complete disgrace: new figures show how teachers failed. Strikes hit school children hard. How can we improve the situation of South Africa and the rest of the dark continent with adults who are not good role models to learners. It’s okay to voice your grievances, however, it’s not okay to drag innocent people down with you. And as for an education department who allows this nonsense to continue, your leadership is demonstrated to be poor.

We live in a world that demands a new approach to teaching children and a new way of thinking about the shifts that happen faster and faster. So when I read this utter bullshit about teachers still striking in 20 years since I was the victim of a teachers’s “chalk down” strike, it become extremely frustrating and angers me to say the least. This behaviour is totally unacceptable and it high time teachers decide if they want to teach or be leaches of the government for the rest of their lives earning a big pay cheque every month and still get loads of holidays unlike other business people who have to work 8-12 hours a day or more 5-6 days a week with maybe 2 weeks holiday in December. Most teachers in government schools are the worst examples today of how to do the absolute minimum, still get paid and fake it till you make it.

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