Following on from my blog in February about the rise of cellphone owners opting to use cellphone banking in South Africa, I started to think about how the telecommunications market has changed over the years, and what this has meant for the consumer, and most importantly how this has changed businesses’ services for the consumer.

While you may have never used cellphone banking, and you may just use online banking for your personal and/or business account, cellphone banking is a way to instantly check your balance, make a payment, such as rent or a credit card bill, and it take a lot less time to do when compared to the more traditional method of banking namely physically going into a bank and having a bank teller deal with your enquiry.

The fact that members of the public can now deal with their own finances from such a remote area is quite an achievement for the telecommunications industry, and another achievement is of course, conference calls. A common site in offices and business around the world, teleconferencing, like cellphone banking enables users to do important tasks remotely, such as taking part in office meetings or just being part of the daily grind.

With conference calling, a user can join in meetings or briefings no matter where they are in the world, which eliminates the need for travel. Participants must dial into the call using a special PIN, which is unique to them, all they need is a phone, be it a landline or a cellphone and they will be able to conduct important business by being part of their employer’s telephone conference.

Telecommunications are becoming more advanced every year, so make sure that you’re not left behind when the next big thing comes out.