This week my friend Reuel Leach, who first published this report on Cellular Costs in South Africa, reviews a book sent me a while ago. We both are avid users of technology and enjoy helping people get more from real life, and technology second.

  • Book Title: Conquer Cyber Overload
  • Author: Joanne Cantor Ph.D
  • ISBN 9780984256808
  • Finished reading 29 June 2011

Joanne has addressed one of the almost incurable diseases of our time: addiction to technology, the very thing we thought would make life easier and save us time has become a major burden and is affecting our mental and physical health. Joanne explains how the mind works and explains that multi tasking is maybe not as good as we think it to be. She also explains how this cyber overload is affecting our relationships long term. I believe we should all create a code of ethics or rules for ourselves and she gives us useful guidelines to do so to help create a more balanced individual and family. We need to educate both children and adults on this subject. In fact this should be a subject that should be included in the curriculums at school. I highly recommend this book. Its short, concise and made for those who find themselves very busy and have little or no time to read. After all, time is the most valuable asset we have. Every second we waste of our lives is wasted forever.

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