The Ownership of All Life

The Ownership of All Life - Notes on Scandals, Conspiracies and CoverupsThe is a scary book. Not in the sense of a thriller or horror but in the facts presented by the author. Jon Rappoport has a way of weaving together stories and threads to make a difficult topic like genetic engineer easier to understand. In this book he takes a critical look at the origins of genetic engineering, the food and health business globally, as well as the depopulation agenda. The connecting thread leads back to the ownership of all life by major corporations. Governments have certainly become the lapdogs of corporations.

After reading this book it’s clear to that the system is rigged. What system is this? The food supply, the drug and healthcare industry. And What I mean here is that since the introduction of GATT through the World Trade Organisation, countries are no longer sovereign. And therefore the citizen or individual has to work even harder to maintain freedom. Consumer behaviour must be predictable and regular. If this is not the case, big business cannot run smoothly.

Some of the funniest parts in the book are the imagined conversations between for example the mystery CEO and the IMF. There are more of these gems of imagination. Parts of this book also reads like 1984 or Brave New World. This book is filled with reference, after reference. After checking some of them I resigned myself to the respect I gained from listening to the Jon Rappoport Show. Maybe the biggest lesson in this book is that nothing happens by accident. Everything that is taking place today has been planned for a long, long time. And we merely living through the results of decisions made a long time ago. Even through this book makes a strong case for the depopulation agenda, I still revel in the fact that the world population will reach 7 billion around October 2011.


Imagine a world without Social Networking

Imagine there’s no Facebook
It’s easy if you try
No “Friends” or “Status”
No pages you can “Like”
Imagine all the people
Living yesterday…

Imagine there’s no Linkedin
It isn’t hard to do
No “Add connections”
No “People you may know”
Imagine all the people
Living in the past…

You may say, I’m a luddite
But I’m not the only one
I hope someday you’ll join us
And the world will be unplugged

Imagine there’s no Twitter
I wonder if you can
No tweets or “fail whale”
A social media ban
Imagine all the people
Sharing only words…

You may say, I’m a luddite,
But I’m not the only one
I hope someday you’ll join us
And the world will be unplugged

author: Sherry Bastion


Sometimes people don't really want help

A read of this blogged emailed me back in February 2011 about wanting help. He felt lost and didn’t know what to do with the rest of his life. After replying to his request I’ve not heard from him since. It’s become very clear to me that many people asking for help want validation or sympathy rather than taking responsibility for their situation. Taking responsibility is being active step in making a change in your situation.

Here is his original email requesting help.

From: Siduduzo

Since you a motivational speack i thought you might help me on this…….i’m 22 and should have a diploma by now, but sadly i don’t i only have matric,and to be honest i don’t know what i want to do with my life as a matter of fact i don’t know where my potantial lys? i was wiling you could help me? i’ll take any recomendation comning from you….. you can even give me a quize to test where my potantial lies

— end question

Anyway if you feel the same as this young person, complete this personality test and send me the results. After that I’ll advice on you how to narrow your focus. The understanding of who you are, and your own personality is key to making decision on your future.


Winter Whiskey Tweetup tonight

The tweetup tonight is in only a few hours (7:30 pm) at Katzy’s, Rosebank. There is a free snacks for you and your tweeple, so please tell your followers to come. If you haven’t decided yet what to do tonight, come with a friend… its a great setting:

Whiskey, Wine, Beer, and Spirits… good people, can’t wait to see and meet you all. Katzy’s is great live music venue. Entrance is free tonight!

The Tweetup is more than just followers on twitter, its meeting new people face-to-face, networking with regards to similar interests and complimenting strengths and businesses.

telana one matchstickone matchstick
5 years ago Telana started trading up in value from a single matchstick and is aiming for offices to help start-up entrepreneurs.  She has made nine trades so far and her current trade involves selling 375 Springleap T-shirts, of which she has 53 left.  She is looking for ways and ideas to reach people who will trade with her for one of her Tshirts, so she can finish her tenth trade.  Maybe we can help her @Telena

Come connect with us tonight, if you haven’t already RSVPed, I encourage you to join us. If you can’t make it, please tweet and tell your friends to come, its always nice to have new faces and a nice crowd out.

reuel leach wemenology authorwemenology
Reuel Leach will give a short talk on his new book: Wemenology: a Study of the Women by a Male inspired by desperate women. In this day and AGE when men have stopped listening to women there is a need created to fill in that GAP. Men say they don’t understand women. Its a lie. They can, they will. If they stop thinking with their minds and more with their hearts they will enter in to a new realm of enlightment. Follow him @Wemenology

We have 59 RSVPs this evening, so it should be a great night!

Thanks for all of your support.


Joburg Bloggers tea and cake

Joburg Blogger tea & cake Wolves Illovo Johannesburg

Tanya Kovarsky, a friend from CIS Toastmasters, invited me to the Joburg Bloggers tea & cake. She’s also the editor of Living and Loving magazine. I’ve not been to any blogger meetups like 27Dinner for a very long time. So this should be good, especially being in the company of people who are paid to write for print. So why not join me? No need to RSVP, simply come along.

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