The Ownership of All Life
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The is a scary book. Not in the sense of a thriller or horror but in the facts presented by the author. Jon Rappoport has a way of weaving together stories and threads to make a difficult topic like genetic engineer easier to understand. In this book he takes a critical look at the origins

Imagine a world without Social Networking
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Imagine there’s no Facebook It’s easy if you try No “Friends” or “Status” No pages you can “Like” Imagine all the people Living yesterday… Imagine there’s no Linkedin It isn’t hard to do No “Add connections” No “People you may know” Imagine all the people Living in the past… You may say, I’m a luddite

Sometimes people don't really want help
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A read of this blogged emailed me back in February 2011 about wanting help. He felt lost and didn’t know what to do with the rest of his life. After replying to his request I’ve not heard from him since. It’s become very clear to me that many people asking for help want validation or

Winter Whiskey Tweetup tonight
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The tweetup tonight is in only a few hours (7:30 pm) at Katzy’s, Rosebank. There is a free snacks for you and your tweeple, so please tell your followers to come. If you haven’t decided yet what to do tonight, come with a friend… its a great setting: Whiskey, Wine, Beer, and Spirits… good people,

Joburg Bloggers tea and cake
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Tanya Kovarsky, a friend from CIS Toastmasters, invited me to the Joburg Bloggers tea & cake. She’s also the editor of Living and Loving magazine. I’ve not been to any blogger meetups like 27Dinner for a very long time. So this should be good, especially being in the company of people who are paid to