One of the downsides of living in a technological age is we tend to attribute the most powerful energies to machines. Therefore, we downplay our own. This is a major joke. Things aren’t that way at all. We have an extraordinary ability to project energy.” Jon Rappoport

Switch off from gadgets technology devicesThis quote really is the essence of the work that I’m moving towards. It is not that difficult to see that gadgets use energy and I don’t mean electricity – I mean YOUR energy. When you watch hours of television, do you feel more energized or less? When you work on your laptop for hours, do you feel more focussed or less? Living your life through the screen is like being plugged into the Matrix.

You get more excited about the comment or poke, than you do about a phone call from your best friend. Validation seeking or supplication has been taken to new heights on social networks. I don’t profess to be advocating abstinence or absconding. Instead I always find the middle ground to be more empowering.

So what is the middle ground when using social networking? It may be switching off on some days and moving away from the always-on culture. The messages in your Inbox are never more important then going inside yourself. It’s only when the voice and the vision on the inside becomes more load and clear, that’s when you begin to master your life according to Dr John Demartini. This is a fancy way of saying that what you think about yourself, and the world around you, is more important than what others think or say about it.

Try not watching any news for a month. You may feel disconnected in the beginning. However, as you progress on this journey, you feel a sense of freedom. You no longer care about what’s happening between two countries on the other side of the world. This has no direct impact on your daily life, and you also feel less guilt. There’s no need to get excited or stressed about starving Somalia’s or war in Iraq because your own life is more important.

You cannot be who you are when your thoughts are contaminated with the beliefs of what other people think are important. So switching off from cell phones or the Internet is one sure way to energise your life. There was and always will be people who cannot live without their gadgets. You don’t have to be one of them. You have the power inside you to say “No!” and then to walk away. Being a zombie trapped in a digital dungeon can never be as much fun as the feeling you have when you rush to or from the waves on the beach or the sense of awe when you reach the top of a hill when hiking.

Switching off allows you’re the time to do something else in the real world. Take this first step into the brave new world.