When you think about how much money is spent on the recruitment process, you may feel like there is no other way. Well with the rise of business social networking sites like LinkedIn, you have more power in your own hands than you ever dreamed.

As a Linkedin coach I’ve helped CEO’s of major corporations to show them the power of Advanced Search using LinkedIn, and how to do targeted searches. When management sees the benefits so clearly, they realise this is one online business tool that the organisation cannot continue to ignore or avoid. Every staff member within a company no matter how big or small is encouraged to create a detailed profile, and to connect with each other, as well as others in their industry.

To bring the benefits of this new approach to sourcing talented and highly skilled professionals to a wider audience within the company a LinkedIn coach adds tremendous value. Sessions to assist company officials can be with Human Resources, Sales or Marketing departments on individual or group basis. This process helps you find new avenues to complete company objectives like hiring talented people who are difficult to recruit without headhunters. LinkedIn also helps those who need fast and accurate background checks.

Thousands of industry sectors are well represented in the leading global business network. And various subjects where issues are assessed and resolved are discussed by this active community on a daily basis. This makes it an excellent source of competitor information. Again, a LinkedIn Coach, may assist in training your team so they can produce enhanced competitive analysis reports, fulfil a talent management request, or identifying a dealmaker or investor for a new business operation. Whatever the sought information may be, a Linkedin coach can provide the needed references to similar projects published in the website and done by a professional Linkedin member who might have contributed his expertise on the matter. Considering the magnitude of information from millions of contributors, a Linkedin Coach guides you to sort out data and pinpoint the specific pieces that are required.

Recruitment companies can also benefit from a Linkedin coach to develop new skills and strategies. Hiring has changed in fundamental ways, and talented people are harder to find than ever before.  People skills are not what they used to be, and relationships value has dropped the more people rely on online social networks. LinkedIn provides mechanisms for recruitment agencies to remain viable in the 21st century. In such trainings, the specific techniques of maximising the website and tapping into it’s vast resources are explored in a customised manner. This knowledge imparted by the Linkedin coach cannot be found in books, magazines as they have been learned through extensive experience. These strategies can be adapted to increase the value adds offered in the headhunting process.