Last night I attended the annual celebration of the Chinese Revolution at the Sandton Sun Hotel. The event was formal and everyone was wearing expensive suits and the (mostly Chinese) ladies beautiful dresses. My good friends Selwyn and Italo from the Preview Theatre invited me along. I also met Richard and Francis from my Table Tennis Club. Later on my met a new friend Diamond Singlima Si who represents the Taiwanese Independence Party. There is a long history of conflict over the independence of Taiwan from mainland China.

As I entered the Sandton Sun Hotel I spotted Tony Leon, leader of the Democratic Alliance, behind me. I didn’t see him again later on but looked forward to meeting more “important” people. After hooking up with Diamond we prowled the room to find “important” people to meet. We soon ran into Marthinus van Schalkwyk aka “Kortbroek“, the leader of the New National Party. The highlight of the even was talking briefly with the pious Mangosuthu Buthelezi, leader of the Inkatha Freedom Party.