Everyone has an identity. You have the person who wakes up in the morning. You have the identity at school, you also have a different one with your parents vs you friends. So what you portray online is yet another variation on these theme. It’s another mask that you are wearing. And this is the one, for the first time now taking on a life of it’s own.

Films like The Matrix first introduced the concept of avatars to the people worldwide. Since that time it’s evolved into a reality with games like World of Warcraft or Second Life. Each one of these virtual online gaming communities have millions of men and women who are hooked.


When you think of everything in your life that you own, what items do you: Consider, Carry, and eventually Use. The answer to this is very interesting as the conscious and subconscious decision process has some kind of spiritual, emotional or practical value. These decisions shape your daily lift.

Your identity starts our with that of a child, then you become a teenagers, you then reach early adulthood, middle age, etc. As a baby you cannot differentiate between yourself and the world. This is what Freud called the oceanic experience. Can you differentiate between your persona in the world compared to your Facebook personality?

Identity theft is when one person steals another’s identity and starts to use it for fun, or for financial gain. This can lead to a range of consequences depending the intentions of the perpetrator of this crime.

Protecting Your Identity

  1. Google yourself, your cellphone “082 123 4567”
  2. Do a FREE credit check with Transunion using ID Nr.
  3. Avoid replies to unknown, unsolicited messages.
  4. Avoid, block or delete apps that serve no purpose on your phone, Facebook profile.
  5. Avoid doing online banking from a public Internet terminal
  6. Don’t click on links from friends (viruses, trojan horse)

How much are you willing to sacrifice? Every time you create a profile you are giving away small pieces of your personal privacy. The ruthless quest for money has turned almost 99% of the Internet into some kind of money making racket. And all of this is done through the invasion of your privacy.