Here is a good way to start 2012 with a bang.

Did you know direct response copywriter, Michel Fortin, offer over 6 hours of free audio online? This audio was first published a few years ago and I have since listened to it numerous times and shared it widely in my training courses.

His friend, the late Gary Halbert (who recently passed away), was — and still is — known as the best copywriter in the world. He’s often referred to as the “prince of print.”

John Carlton comes in a close second and still continues with the legacy he formed with Gary Halbert and the infamous Operation Moneysuck adventures they discuss in the interviews.

These guys are not only friends and associates, but also my mentors and extraordinary teachers in their own rights. They know their stuff, and know how to teach the power of sales-inducing, eyeball-grabbing copy.

Recently, for a whole 6 hours, they openly shared with me their most coveted strategies in a special series of teleseminars I offered to my members and clients.

Want to hear them? And for free to boot? (Yes, FREE?)

Well, you can. Simply go to this page on the Michel Fortin website.

P.S.: A word of warning from Michel Fortin, though. Gary Halbert is very much a nonsensical person who holds nothing back. He can even be a little direct at times. But that’s his teaching style.

It’s nevertheless immensely potent.

Plus, there’s nothing to buy. Listen online, download the MP3 recordings, or read the transcripts. All free!