Online Marketing Tactics to Avoid
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If you run a business that uses online marketing, you’re a smart person. Maintaining strong online marketing tactics is key to growing your business and making more money. Online marketing is a science, and if you use it effectively there are incredible rewards. You may end up being as successful as Ken Fisher one day!

Avoid Stress: 5 Steps to a Better Outlook
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There is much to look forward to in life. However, many people have a dim outlook because they struggle with the overcoming the challenges to help them lead a great life. When things get tough, it is easy to revert into a negative attitude and to close you off from others. The fact is that

Technology Taking Over Family Time
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Mail & Guardian’s The Teacher has featured me twice to date. The freelance journalist contacted me in July while I was in Durban and emailed me a long list of questions. Initially I was very upset because it felt like doing homework. After some consideration and talking to the Editor, I decided to complete the

Raising Kids To Be Entrepreneurs
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My friend Nisha Varghese is a self-employed blogger and philanthropist. She suffers from Cerebral Palsy (CP) – an umbrella term encompassing a group of non-progressive, non-contagious motor conditions that cause physical disability in human development, chiefly in the various areas of body movement. As a result of having cerebral palsy she is unable to walk and her right arm has

Cheap access to corporate computers
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By Mark Ward Technology correspondent, BBC News Cybercriminals are openly selling illegal access to the computer networks of many of the world’s biggest companies. For only a few pounds or dollars, fraudsters and scammers can get the login in details for a server sitting on the network of a Fortune 500 firm. Those renting access

France's President promises pupils ‘no more homework’
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French President François Hollande pledged to ditch homework on Tuesday as part of wide-ranging reforms aimed at improving standards for over-worked French pupils, especially those in disadvantaged areas. French President François Hollande potentially won the hearts of millions of future voters on Tuesday when he announced plans to abolish homework and reduce the number of

Freedom box on CBS news
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Eben Mogel discussing the freedom box on CBS news. This small device provides a form of point-to-point secure encryption of your communications. You can support or track the progress via the Freedom Box Foundation after watching this news clip from CBS News below:  

Mxit education takes off
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Mxit has signed up 5-million subscribers to its educational content, and 600 000 to its eight exam revision applications. Mxit believes this provides ample evidence that the average mobile phone can become a transformative education tool for learners. Andrew Rudge, Chief of Insight and Reach at Mxit says, “mLearning is powerful because it breaks through