Young girls and their smartphonesLet’s not deny it: technology is great. However, there comes a point where enough is enough and you simply need to draw the line. The following are a few signs that it might be that time.

1. On more than one occasion you’ve been knocked off your feet by some idiot who couldn’t be bothered to look where he was going – if he had, he might have noticed that you were obviously halfway through a text and not able to pay too much attention to where you were going. (After all predictive text is bad enough when you ARE looking.)

2. You have reached the point where it seems absurd to NOT post a picture of your breakfast, lunch and supper to Instagram. That IS what the site is for, isn’t it?

3. When Eskom has its rolling blackouts you are less concerned with the logistics of cooking supper and having a hot shower than you are with conserving the power of your iPod, iPad and all your other iStuff.

4. When you arrive at your friends’ houses you let them know you’re there with a BBM or WhatsApp message. Doorbells are so mainstream.

5. Family camping trips are completely out of the question. That would mean having all your gadgets die on you, or worse, having to leave them at home. Can. You. Imagine?

How dependent have you become on technology? Post a comment below and share you story.

source: Women24