Crowdfunding campaign for Chess documentary

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Port Elizabeth, 23 July 2013 – With the success of the recent 2013 Commonwealth and SA Open Chess Championship in Port Elizabeth, a crowdfunding campaign was launched to help make a documentary about the game of Chess. Ramon Thomas, better known as an online safety expert in the media, recently launched a crowd-funding campaign on Indiegogo.

Crowdfunding is the collective effort of individuals who network and pool their money, usually via the Internet, to support efforts initiated by other people or organizations, according to Wikipedia. The primary focus of the documentary is to film the 10th annual Uitenhage Chess Festival taking place 2 to 3 August 2013.

“This is my first documentary after completing a Video Production course at The Media Workshop in Port Elizabeth,” says Thomas. “The purpose of this project is to support the local community to re-launch the last two chess clubs that closed down and celebrate the winners from the last 10 years.”

President Jacob Zuma, a patron of Moves for Life and an advocate of the importance of chess in education, said that chess had given solace to him and to many other former political prisoners on Robben Island, where he first learned to play the game.

The Uitenhage Chess Festival has been a rated tournament by ChessSA since 2008,” according to Elizabeth Muller, retired librarian, and co-founder of the tournament with Ria Diedericks in 2004. “This documentary film can stimulate the minds and hearts of children who are our primary target for the chess clubs and tournaments.”

Mrs Muller & Diedericks launched the tournament in 2004 and celebrate 10 years this year. It has a cash prize of R1,000 for the winner and many other prizes for senior players and school children. The event takes place at the Uitenhage Indoor Sports centre and starts on Friday, 2 August at 4pm with the closing and prize giving on Saturday, 3 August at 7pm.

Interested chess players may still register for this tournament on this Google form or call Elizabeth Muller on 073 353 5024. The public is invited to come, watch, learn and support.

Uitenhage Chess Festival

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Ramon Thomas Tel. 041 9921215

Elizabeth Muller Tel. 041 9883359


67 minutes for Privacy on Mandela Day

Give 67 minutes to learn Leadership Lesson on Mandela Day 2013Nelson Mandela is an icon of the 20th and 21st century. His charisma is undeniable when reading many of the stories of people who have encountered him. In this respect I highly recommend the book  LEADING LIKE MADIBA by Martin Kalungu-Banda.

So on the 2013 Mandela Day celebrations I’m calling for 67 minutes of privacy for South Africa’s first democratically elected president. Madiba may be old, frail, in hospital and therefore not active in the public domain, but his legacy is tied to that of South Africa’s future. In the last two months since he has been hospitalised, the media went into a frenzy.

His children are currently embattled in a family feud of megalithic proportions. My own sentiments is the most valuable gift we can give Nelson Mandela and his wife Graca Machel, is 67 minutes of privacy from the Media. In my opinion, privacy is the most valuable commodity of the digital era.

Most people realise by now, every single website and mobile app tracks your every move. In the same way the media has tracked every single move in and out of hospital of the global icon. In African culture it’s a sign of respect not to look someone in the eyes.

Big Brother is not just a television show, it’s Google, Youtube, Apple and Microsoft, all in collusion with your governments, spying on you, as Edward Snodwen has exposed. So even if you don’t care about Nelson Mandela, maybe you can spend 67 minutes reviewing your own privacy online.

Hell, just for fun, switch of your Smartphone, disable your Facebook & Twitter for 67 minutes. Not having a profile on social media sites, is one of the most extreme, yet practical ways, of protecting your privacy.


Banner Stands For Engaging Traffic

Banner standIn high traffic areas, presenting your business message can help fish out more customers and prospects. This is the basic premise that underpins advertising, but is also a concept that can be taken a stage further with promotion through banner stands. Whether in your office, on the road or at events and trade shows, banner stands can pop up in an instant to tell the world who you are and what you do. With the right design, your banner stands can even start the conversion process for you, piquing interest in what you have to offer and helping start conversations that might result in sales later down the line.

It is not enough to simply have a banner stand in place at Cape Town or Sandton Convention Centre. Too many businesses simply order a standard display and hope for the best. This approach misses the point of effective, conversion-optimized design, and there are real ways in which you can make your displays and your graphics work more effectively for your business aims. Bold, eye-catching designs that present the right information for your prospects will work most successfully. But how can you secure these, and what are the best ways of ensuring their effectiveness?

Banner stands can be found easily online – check out as one example. The quality of the stand matters, and you should strive for a design that makes your stand look visually impressive and as classy as possible. Even for brands that are targeting more price-sensitive ends of the market, investing in the quality of the display is essential for giving off the right impression at the first chance of asking.

banner-stands-for-engaging-traffic2The actual content of the design of your stand will have a big impact on how successfully you perform on the day. Engagement is the key word, and you need to captivate the interest of potential prospects at a glance. This means that visually arresting design that is bold, clear and pronounced in its messaging tends to work best. You need a graphic that informs and encourages further discussion – this will give you the best chance of opening channels of communication with those who might eventually buy from you.

While banner stands can make a big difference to the effectiveness of your marketing, it is in sales where the results will crystallize. The banner stand needs to attract attention and start conversations, while your approach and techniques for selling should help close out the deal. This means engaging prospects in conversation, and discussing how you can be of assistance to them. The combination of eye-catching graphics and a solid sales approach can lead to much more significant results from high-traffic events.

Banner stands can help generate the interest that ultimately leads to sales. While banner stands alone cannot deliver results, they are a crucial part of a wider events marketing approach. Securing the right banner stand with the right design is the first step, but from there it is up to you to make sure you are using the most effective sales techniques to close potential prospects and build profitable relationships for your business.


Avoid Job Scams on Gumtree

This article has been adapted from the original posted by the Better Business Bureau. Craiglist is the biggest classified website worldwide and Gumtree is the equivalent in South Africa.

Gumtree scamsAs the economy recovers worldwide, more and more jobs are becoming available on sites such as Gumtree and plethora of other new job aggregation sites like CareerJet and JobRapido. These websites scan other sites with actual job listings and displays them like a Google search results page. Many people do not know how to select a credible recruitment website, and they tend to go with whatever the top listings that come up after searching.

But the increase in employment opportunities and resulting jobs listings also opens the door to scammers high jacking the names of real companies to put out job applications geared at identity theft, not employment. Even as the internet has made searching for jobs easier, it also provides an opportunity for ID thieves and scammers to take advantage of eager—and unsuspecting—job seekers.

We have received reports from job seekers that scammers have used the names of real companies advertising jobs on Gumtree to place false job applications asking for ID numbers. After checking with the local company whose name was used, the human resources director confirmed that the company does not ask for ID numbers on their applications.

We  recommend that job seekers never give out Social Security numbers until they are officially employed by a company. To do otherwise would create a real risk of identity theft, damage to credit scores and financial loss.

We offer the following tips to avoid being taken by this or similar Gumtree scams:

  • Exercise Caution. When using social networking sites like Facebook and online employment sites such as Gumtree, be sure to check the actual Web site of the company posting the position to verify it actually exists. If you don’t see it on their site, chances are it’s a scam.
  • Guard Your Resume. Some job seekers have uploaded their resume online but remember to make sure you only upload it for a legitimate purpose and company. Resumes often contain personal information, ripe for identity theft thieves.
  • Do not give too much information until you are hired. Jobseekers should become suspicious if asked for certain personal information on a job application. Never give out Social Security or bank account numbers over the phone, internet or e-mail.
  • Start with Trust. Many scams use names that are similar to reputable companies to trick job seekers. BBB recommends that job seekers check out the company first at and to apply through the actual company site whenever possible.

NB! You will do well to read this discussion on Gumtree scams on the very popular MyBroadband forums.

source: Better Busines Bureau

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