The Internet: A World Without Boundaries
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There was a time when we lived in a world without borders. In an age before the United Nations, free trade zones or countries. In those dark ages way back when, people lived in villages and often nomadic tribes. There was no clear borders and for mostly people moved freely. Today you may think we

Have You Been Sold A Lie? No.
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Recently I told someone on Twitter lying is more fun than telling the truth. This was after listing to Jon Rappoport talk about one of his imagination exercises. They are meant to stimulate your imagination through story telling. In these imagination exercises you get together with a group of people and you tell each other

Falling In Love With Artificial Intelligence
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“I don’t think we think unless it is about me.” – Kurt Cobain More than twenty years ago I wrote my first few lines of computer code using a language called BASIC. At university I studied Computer Science. After few years working in the IT industry, I did not enjoy working began exploring potential common