Most Internet users do not pay attention to the web browser they use. This app comes preinstalled on most devices, whehter it’s a laptop or a smartphone. The purpose of a web browser is to allow to do exactly what it’s name says, browse the Web. In this blog I want to you remind of you of 5 reasons why you should use Firefox web browser on all devices.

As someone who’ve been online since 1993, I’ve used many different apps for browsing the Internet. However, I always recommend Mozilla Firefox.

Anyway one of the pieces of software I highly recommend people consider is the Mozilla Firefox web browser. The creators of this open source project have just published version 3.0 and set new records for software downloads. This article describes the top 10 reasons South Africans should use Mozilla Firefox over Microsoft Internet Explorer or any other web browser.

Top 5 Reasons to Use Firefox Web Browser

  1. Mozilla Firefox web browserPrivacy: Privacy has become the most important issue for people online. There’s been so many privacy breaches from social media apps it’s finally waking people up. Microsoft software products have always had more security flaws. New types of risks like phishing are only increasing. The Firefox web browser is at the forefront of user privacy.
  2. Performance: After years of decline in market share against Google Chrome, Firefox had become a sluggish memory-hogging app. In 2016 the Firefox Quantum project was released, and this has become one of the most efficient pieces of software to be developed by the open source community. There are some excellent results in the you can read about here.
  3. Platforms: Unlike Microsoft, the Firefox web browser was always designed to run across multiple platforms. The browser runs natively on the Microsoft Windows, Mac OSX, Linux as well as Apple iOS and Android.
  4. Open Source: Why would a bunch of people create software products for free? Why would they give it away and allow others to modify their creations? It’s really the closest thing to ubuntu for me: the software developers is because we are a community. Supporting the open source community is a vote against big business, where it really hearts, with your money. I have never believed that marches or petitions make much difference because so few people care enough to put themselves out there. With the support of people like Mark Shuttleworth and his Ubuntu Linux project, the open source community in South Africa, has matured.
  5. Easy of Use: Firefox Addons helps you to access much more than web. My favourites include ad blocking and other apps that protect my privacy. There are many other plugins that help you to change the look of your web browser, to enjoy Youtube and other social media sites in customised ways, and so on.