Pole dancing

I walked into a pole dancing class by my associate Dr Elna McIntosh last week Wednesday. I was pleasantly surprises. And thought I may upset the women. It turned out they were worried about the whether I was embarrassed. I don’t get embarrassed easily any more 😉

Well she teaches a women’s group for 6 weeks and one of the session is to teach poll dancing. I think this has something to do with the Madonna-Whore Complex in men. If a woman keeps behaving like the mother i.e. caring, nurturing, etc. The man may loose sexual interest in the women and seek elsewhere to satisfy sexual needs and desires. Dr McIntosh’s women’s group costs R1,500. And she may soon start offering the poll dancing class as a stand alone course shortly. Call her on 011 787 1222 if you are interested in more info (ask for her PA Glenda).

If you live in Joburg join me for a Pole Dancing Competition at Roxy’s in Melville.


iWeek 2006 now open for bookings

One of the biggest Internet industry conferences in South Africa, the annual Internet Week or iWeek is now open for bookings. I spoke at this conference in 2004 on the topic of the Internet Cafe industry in South Africa. And I get regular emails every month increasingly about how to set-up and Internet Cafe. Well I’m working on this.

What’s so shocking is how disinterested the ISPs are to encourage Cyber Cafe’s in South Africa. My current estimate is approximately 300 of them vs several thousand in countries like Taiwan and South Korea. A news article I found once claimed India has over 50,000 of them!

I will be attending this year’s event (not as a speaker) but to rally for support for my research into Internet Cafe industry. We need much more access before 2010.


2006 Star Trek Minicon in South Africa

Today I attended my 2nd Star Trek minicon in Johannesburg, South Africa. The minicon is hosted annually by Science Fiction South Africa. I’ve been a memeber since 2004 and attended a few of their events. Its a small group and the people are very friendly and on the shy, introverted side of life. That’s to be expected for the characters of these shows (except for the leader/Captain) in most cases tend to be shy, intellectual, scienctific types. I used to be shy in high school. And that really meant I was suppressing the true me. Or that I was not being true to myself. The Myers-Briggs typology test taught me that introversion just means you work best alone and you’re drained when you’re spending time with lots of people. I have discovered that I am more of an extrovert and I am operating at my peak interacting with groups of people. When I’m alone all day I can get depressed. And the best remedy here is to go to the shop and buy some bread or milk.


Mixing with cast of Scandal and meeting beautiful women

Genevieve HowardTonight I went to the recording of a special episode of eTV soap, SCANDAL with my friend Sieraaj Ahmed, a journalist at You magazine. I met the gorgeous Genevieve Howard, formally a Goodhope FM DJ and several other beautiful women. What’s funny about her is that she looks pretty plain most of the time in her characters she plays on television, while in real life she is absolutely stunning. And for this particular episode they cast was all dressed up and done up. Eventually I walked away with the phone number of one of the other woman who was on set. Maybe I should have charmed or “gamed” Genevieve some more but at the time she was engaged to her co-star Clint Brink.

Every time I opened my mouth the things that came out were witty and sometimes even cocky and funny. One woman was going on about being worth a lot more and some guy not being able to afford her. I said while passing by…”this is the sound of a woman who doesn’t have a lot of sex…” She was okay but nothing to write home about compared to the other women at CARFAX, the venue. And I certainly saw that bitchy attitude a mile away.

Lesson learned: Talk to celebrities like normal people, and tease the women like you would any other women. Don’t be like all the other guys trying to buy them drinks, instead just be cool, calm and collected without seeking their approval. They are just people like you and me, they eat, drink, and fart like we all do, even Genevieve Howard.


Meeting You Soul Mate

s?ul ma?es parties


The Soul Mates Dinner Parties organised by Lara Suddes of MostInnerMost is absolutely the best place to meet mature, confident, spiritually minded women. The sophistication and the esoteric interests is enhanced by the vibey atmosphere. I arrived before 7pm at Salina’s Restaurant, Pineslopes Centre, Corner Witkoppen & The Straight, Fourways (behind Montecasino).

There must have been about three or four or more women for every one guy. Now all the men who avoid these types of events are idiots. You’re shy and afraid of being rejected? Well maybe you should get your ass to the next Soul Mates party.

As the ladies arrived I was wondering when the first man would be there. Well Omar, a very confident and humorous gentlemen arrived and decidedly plunked himself down next to two ladies. The registration desk was swamped by all the excited women and few men who arrived. Lara had asked me to give a short talk about dating but that never happened. So many of the women I met were really nice.

The ones who stand out is Marla, from Brazil now living in South Africa for several years, and Aviva from London also been in Joburg for a while. Not to speak to the many, many others who were all very confident, and very sexy in a spiritual way…

There was certainly a lot of opportunity to speak to them and get inside their intuitive minds. Of all the kinds of parties I’ve been to for dating or matchmaking this is by far the better to find quality women rather than pure quantity. Although that is the case while it remains a secrets hunting ground for alpha males like myself…

The next Soul Mates Party is Saturday 25 March 2006, 7pm. Salina’s Restaurant Pineslopes Centre, Corner Witkoppen & The Straight, Fourways (behind Montecasino). The cost is R50 and you can book here or call Lara Suddes on 083-212-6462.

Also remember to visit the best Spirtual website in South Africa, MostInnerMost.com


Chinese New Year: 2005 Year of the Rooster

For the last 2 years I’ve tried to join the celebrations for the Chinese New Year. This year instead of going to Cyrildene in Johannesburg I went to the old China town close to the old “John Vorster Square” now Johannesburg Central Police Station. My friend Judy Wicomb from Cape Town tagged along and it was fun watching the lion dancing and all the fireworks. Boy oh boy can the Chinese people enjoy firecrackers. From my past experience Diwali celebrations doesn’t come close 🙂 but hey maybe I should spend the next Diwali in Lenasia, south of Johannesburg.


From the Dalai Lama to African ICT Achievers

This past weekend I had the honour of attending a lecture by His Holiness, the 14th Dalai Lama from Tibet. The spiritual leader of Buddhism and symbol for peace. This is his 3rd visit to South Africa. The lecture took place at Vista University in Soweto. The main message I took from this lecture was to meditate on compassion. I often felt that I have not been very sincere in my actions or things I do to help other people. There has been some kind of unwritten expectation that the favour be returned. Well no more of that! I just want to be genuinely compassionate towards my fellow human beings and animals on Earth. I found the Dalai Lama to have a very good understanding of how scientifically the positive affects of meditation has been proven by medical science. He also has a sense of humour and speaks with some much humility when questioned at the end of his lecture. Afterwards me and my friends went to visit the home of Nelson Mandela in Orlando West, Soweto and the Hector Pieterson museum.

In the evening I attended the 6th annual African ICT Achievers awards. This very sophisticated event took place at the Dome in Northgate. Representing the Computer Society of South Africa I was very pleased to meet up with my cousin Lee Easton and his wonderful wife Connie. The music was fantastic. A few performances from Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Phantom of the Opera set the scene.