Mind Control Technology Dangers – Jon Rappoport

The fields of neuroscience and technology are merging in amazing ways. But there is also a dark side to new research into how human thoughts can control machines and computers. Journalist Jon Rappoport has written extensively on the subject of Read More →

Dan Pink: The Surprising Truth About Sales

Bestselling author of Drive and star of the most-viewed RSA Animate, Dan Pink visits the RSA to explore the ways in which we can all improve our everyday sales skills, and identifies the personal qualities and essential skills necessary to Read More →

Mobile Phones from 1980s

1980s mobile phones If you’re not using Property24.com, you’re house hunting in the 80’s. This is one of the funniest advertised about mobile phones I’ve seen in 10 years. Maybe I was fortunate because my first phone was an Ericsson and very small Read More →

Jim Rohn: Imagine the Possibilities

Motivational speaker in South Africa, Johannesburg Turning something into nothing is one of the key messages I learned from Napoleon Hill in his classic, Think and Grow Rich. Jim Rohn was a legend and I discovered him during my time as a Herbalife distributor. It was Read More →

Primary School Teacher Says, "I Quit!"

15 year veteran elementary teacher says “I quit”. Parents need to know what is being done to their children in many of today’s public schools – and it is not the teacher’s fault.   Read More →

Eben Moglen discusses Freedom Box on CBS News

Eben Moglen discussing the freedom box on CBS news. This small device provides a form of point-to-point secure encryption of your communications. You can support or track the progress via the Freedom Box Foundation after watching this news clip from Read More →