Disillusioned American and British men find Thai brides

Today is my first post for the new year. So happy new year to all my readers. This is going to be a real cracker as my public speaking career is taking off and the media interviews keep coming in. Just this morning I did an interview on RSG, the national Afrikaans radio station here in South Africa, all about online dating, speed dating and sms dating. What I didn’t get to say was that I personally do not use any of these anymore, and only keep track for research purposes. I am aggressively using my social network to expand the potential women I am exposing myself to.

Anyway the Mail & Guardian featured a shockingly sad article about the state of American and even British men today. This article quotes a few of these men who are now seeking brides in Thailand. Now the first thing they mention is how demanding the American and British women have become. And how feminism has made a very negative impact on how modern Western women behave. The biggest problem I see is the disproportionately high expectations expectations by women toward men. The exaggerated indoctrination that modern women can have the same success as men in their careers and also have the perfect relationship with a man. This kind of expectation leads to ongoing disappointment by women.

And also you have men growing up with much fewer strong male role models. More and more are growing up without any father figure. The mothers rip into the fathers and blame them for everything. The sons dislike their fathers and does everything possible to please mommy. You end up with the common, nice guy syndrome or wussy behavior I see all the time. Men who just cannot stand their ground, set any boundaries, and behave like the confident men that women desire.

I’d be very keen to get your perspective on this story: Thai brides on the Internet.


Author: RJ Thomas

RJ Thomas is an International Relationship Builder. He was born in South Africa, and moved to China in 2013.

  • Happy belated New Year Ramon!

    Quite the controversial subject – some interesting points you brought up about the daddy hatred – I’m gonna think about it, not sure what I think about it.

    Anyway, this whole dial-a-bride thing seems ridiculous to me. You can’t possibly have a fulfilling relationship with someone you meet in this situation. It must be like having a live-in maid/ prostitute…

  • Hey Twanji

    It just seems like men are so pathetic, so desperate and maybe even so intimidated by modern women they would rather take this, a much easier way out, to find a wife.

    You see it comes down to how often men have sex. And I’ve accepted this now that men need sex like they need to breath air or drink water. They have to have it, its biological. And generally speaking a modern career woman is to busy to have as much sex, as frequently as the man wants to.

    So now you have these wives from other countries who are they way Western women were 50 to 100 years ago.

    The reverse of this is that women are stuck with wussy metro sexual men. And they hate it, I guarantee you, they dislike it severely.

  • Ha ha – so much passion. It’s great…
    So what is the ultimate solution though? A new generation of complacent non-career women or men willing to compromise their basic animalistic needs? It’s a tricky one… and do you think modern guys could handle dealing with a woman who has no power. I mean it sounds like every guy’s fantasy in conversation, but in reality the challenge and the chase appear to be half of the fun?
    Great topic to think about Ramon!

  • British practice of finding partners through a friend circle or acquaintance is still around. It’s strange why they do not consider it as a form of arranged love or possibly marriage. Arranged marriage is a popular concept in S. Asia but it should not be confused with the older outdated version of ‘forced marriage’. Least of all the Brits should not mind acknowledging the prevalence of arranged -love-marrriage in their society.

    One-who-knows-it-a bit