My Next Car: Mercedes-Benz SLK

Mercedes-Benz SLKI’ve been dreaming about an SLK for many years now and the day I’ll be able to purchase my own is coming closer and closer. Especially after watching a film, The Secret. I started using some visualisation techniques like pasting a photo on my wall, and also making it my Desktop background photo. I missed out on a test drive two weeks when I was stupid enough to forget my drivers license at home 🙁 Well I’m going to do that test drive within the next few weeks. What’s amazing is how frequently I’ve been seeing one on the road. So its a fitting tribute that its the 10 year anniversary of the SLK.

Tom Leykis makes the following analogy: A man drives the most expensive (best) car he can afford. No boy dreams of driving a Toyota or Volkswagen growing up. Boys dream of Ferrari or Lamborghini’s growing up. So in reality, boys do not grow up dreaming of the average girl. They dream about Playboy playmates or the young hot actress in the latest teen comedy. The same may apply to women. Read this article here.


Author: RJ Thomas

RJ Thomas is an International Relationship Builder. He was born in South Africa, and moved to China in 2013.

  • Oh, awesome!

    So, what are your main income streams?
    I mean, that car will set u back quite a bit every month!

    If you would like to share.

  • My income streams are from creating value for people. Specifically I’m changing my business model from consulting into training and speaking so that I can leverage my secret weapon: my mouth 😉

  • Cool 🙂
    Yes, that’s definitely a nice weapon to have.
    Have you always been a good speaker?

    What does “creating value for people” mean?

  • Russell

    I’d be willing to bet that you will soon be able to own your dream car. You would do great as a motivational speaker or spokesperson.

    If you want to fast track your road to riches try starting up your own religion or politcal party!

  • Hey David

    Creating value is an attitude of first giving someone something thy need that does one of the following three things:

    1. Removing or Reducing Dangers
    2. Capturing Opportunities
    3. Reinforcing Strengths

    When you do these three things you create value for your clients and others around you. And as you create more and more value people will provide you with bigger and bigger opportunities that can be directly or indirectly financial in nature.

  • I love your ideas regarding income streams, and that you’re able to use your skill to train people using your great lanuage skills. You deserve your success. I think I understand – don’t keep it a secret – if you’ve got it share the knowledge.