Social Media breaks barriers in South Africa

Social networking in South Africa has crossed the age barrier, the urban/rural divide and even the relationship gap, according to research findings announced today. The /South African Social Media Landscape 2012/ study, produced by technology market researchers World Wide Worx Read More →

Social media goes mainstream in South Africa

Recently World Wide Worx, one of our partner companies, released the definitive study on the social media landscape in South Africa. Instead of simply republishing the press release with the research findings, I also include a short email interview with Read More →

Cellphone banking surges

February 2, 2010 :- Cellphone banking has surged in the past year, as South African consumers gain confidence in their handheld devices as a tool for both communications and efficiency. Among urban cellphone users, 44% now use cellphone banking services, Read More →

Smartphone the surprise newcomer in mobile race

Johannesburg:- Smartphones have made a dramatic entry into corporate South Africa, far surpassing general consumer use or small business use. This is a surprise finding from a new research study released today by World Wide Worx. The Mobile Corporation in Read More →

New editor for SA's oldest online tech mag

Veteran technology journalist Sean Bacher has been appointed editor of South Africa‚Äôs longest-running online technology magazine, Gadget. The appointment comes as Gadget prepares to celebrate its 12th year online, and plans a heavy focus on the technology of the World Read More →

South Africa's Internet growth accelerates

The number of South African Internet users has passed the 5-million mark for the first time, finally breaking through the 10% mark in Internet penetration for the country. This is the key finding of the Internet Access in South Africa Read More →