5 Reasons Why You Should Use Firefox Web Browser

Mozilla Firefox web browser Most Internet users do not pay attention to the web browser they use. This app comes preinstalled on most devices, whehter it’s a laptop or a smartphone. The purpose of a web browser is to allow to do exactly what Read More →

New undersea cable part of 100-fold bandwidth increase

The announcement today of a formal agreement for the construction of the West Africa Cable System (WACS) by all South Africa‚Äôs major telecommunications operators sets the scene for total international bandwidth capacity coming into Africa growing more than a hundredfold Read More →

How to choose ISP or consumer Internet access in South Africa

This is a portion of an interview for Huisgenoot magazine from 2007. I'm not even sure if it was ever published because the journalist was forced to redo the initial interview, which focussed on Skype to include a few questions Read More →