chris anderson

  • TED Ed launches with Two Questions

    Yesterday TED Conferences announced the launch of “TED Ed”. This is new series of talks focussed on education. As regular readers no this blog knows, our focus at the Ramon Thomas Training Corporation is directly related to education. Over the last 5 years we have spoken at over 200 schools and conferences across South Africa…. Read more »

  • INK Conference 2011, this December in India

    In 2007 I came a TED Fellow after attending TEDGlobal also known as TEDAfrica in Arusha, Tanzania. This has been a wonderful journey and many relationships have blossomed with TEDsters all over the African content. It’s with great pleasure that I share this announcement from Chris Anderson below. Dear Global TED Community, By now you… Read more »

  • The Economy Survey

    Ever since launched I have enjoyed the short ebooks the produce and make available at no cost. Often it was a summary or first chapter from books by best selling author’s like Seth Godin, Timothy Ferris, Chris Anderson or Guy Kawasaki. Anyway here’s a recent email from them with something that really hits home… Read more »