Three books recommended by John Taylor Gatto

John Taylor Gatto Teacher Author Here are three books recommended by John Taylor Gatto. You can skip to 1:41:14 to hear his quick summary of the three books after a question about Ayn Rand and Liberterians. This is taken from a CSPAN lecture, “Examples of Read More →

Top 10 Movies About Teachers

John Taylor Gatto - The Ultimate History Lesson Everyone agrees education is important. Most people agree teachers are valuable. Few people know the difference between learning and teaching. Learning happens naturally when children are fully engaged. Teaching happens when teachers love what they do and share that enthusiasm Read More →

Three Ways To Deal With Boredom

South African Motivational Speaker Ramon Thomas A while ago I wrote an article about how SMS relieve loneliness, stress and depression. The same advice applies well to boredom in general. John Taylor Gatto first alerted me to the pandemic of boredom in public schools. This is Read More →

Update on John Taylor Gatto

Update on John Taylor Gatto This update was sent to us from Tragedy and Hope community newsletter on July 1, 2012: As many of you are aware, John suffered multiple strokes in the weeks after visiting us in Connecticut and filming the Ultimate History Lesson Read More →