Mxit education takes off
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Mxit has signed up 5-million subscribers to its educational content, and 600 000 to its eight exam revision applications. Mxit believes this provides ample evidence that the average mobile phone can become a transformative education tool for learners. Andrew Rudge, Chief of Insight and Reach at Mxit says, “mLearning is powerful because it breaks through

SMS' Can Relieve Stressed, Lonely People
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BERKELEY — Text messaging often gets a bad rap for contributing to illiteracy and high-risk behaviour such as reckless driving. But a social welfare professor at the University of California, Berkeley, has found an upside to texting, especially for people who feel stressed out, isolated and alone. Text messages in cognitive behaviour therapy can make people feel less isolated Adrian

15 Minutes with Ramon Thomas
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This interview was compiled for a weekly feature in the Daily Dispatch newspaper in East London: Online behaviour expert Ramon Thomas talks to the Dispatch about technology and how it affects you. Profiles will appear at Q: YOU describe yourself as being an online behaviour expert. What does that entail? A: My field of research

Report On Cellular Payment Systems In South Africa
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This report is republished with permission from the author, Reuel Leach. You may contact him for more advise on saving money when using cellphones and Internet access on his cell 082 211 2619 Do you know what you are paying on your cellular bill every month. Maybe you do, but have you ever wondered what

A deeper look at MXit's war on porn and cyber criminals
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This was announced a few days ago. And I would like to give some perspective before you read the official statement from MXit below. MXit has been around for a number of years. And the media has enjoyed blaming MXit for everything from distribution of pornography to examination results dropping since its introduction. As a

Using MXit on Your BlackBerry
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Even though BlackBerry has it own Instant Messaging software, 17 million MXit users make it very appealing to use the MXit application on your BlackBerry with unlimited Internet. So, you’ve got a Blackberry and you want to MXit with your friends. Now you can – just download MXit and ‘Join the MXit Evolution’ 1. To

CSSA Event – The Dangers of Children Using the Internet and Other Technologies
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In a perfect world, the Internet would automatically shield children from contact with questionable content and dangerous people. Unfortunately, nobody exercises complete control over the online world in any centralized manner. What is considered illegal in one country may not even be considered an issue in another. This danger has been extended to free-for-all mobile

How to deal with increased abuse of MXit or Facebook
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Recent media reports indicate another spike in MXit related incidents ranging from teen abductions to children spreading pornography. On the business side MXit is entering online payments and mobile banking arena and will probably continue it’s relationship with MNET Idols reality TV show facilitating voting for the contestants. Families, schools and communities have always been

MXit for BlackBerry and iPhone being rolled out, instant messaging synchronization on its way
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Instant messaging platform MXit announced that it has exceeding 11 million users and became the number one method of communicating with youth. “Being able to connect to the internet from a mobile phone is critical in a world that is relying more-and-more on not merely existing online, but also engaging actively. MXit transcends international borders,

MXit Drug Counselling at 27Dinner in Port Elizabeth
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Marlon Parker will be visiting Port Elizabeth this week to present an inspirational talk at the regular 27Dinner event this Thursday in Port Elizabeth. The 27Dinner events are free events where geeks and non-geeks get together and discuss technology. The purpose of the 27Dinner events is to create awareness about how technology can be used