PR 2.0 Blogging Workshop with Marlon Parker's Team

Tomorrow, I am training a team of loyal drug counsellors from Impact Direct Ministries on how to use blogging to get themselves onto television, radio, newspapers or magazines – all things I have done because of my blogging. They are Read More →

What does 7.5 million MXit users mean to Parents

It’s been a while since I reported on the growth of MXit. And I finally found a confirmation of the current numbers from this Moneyweb article. The worldwide growth has now reached 7.5 million users with 6.5 million in South Read More →

MXit blasts through 3 million users

** MXit has already reached 6 million by beginning 2008. Download the Parents Guide to MXit from this link. ** Its now official MXit has broken through 3 million users. This is really a phenomenal success for a South African Read More →