Joburg Tweetups launches on Youth Day

This Youth Day the first ever Joburg Tweetup takes place in Soweto. The event hosted by Internet evangelist, Ramon Thomas, takes place on Saturday, June 16 at the renowned Wandies Place starting 1pm. We invite you to join this special occasion, raising awareness of the extraordinary power of social media among to youth of South Africa’s largest township.

Haroun Kola Blogger Your Day Tweetup SpeakerHaroun“As Twitter drives social change and social networks become mainstream, the youth have a critical role to play driving the communication channels of tomorrow.  The 160 character limitation of Twitter is an ideal medium for kids brought up on a diet of SMS-lingo,” says Haroun Kola, one of the speakers at the #YouthDayTweetup.

Joburg Tweetups have grown to over 400 members since launching in 2009. Many of the members are among the most influential or Twitterati like Melanie Minnaar, the founder of Twitter Blanket Drive and Bruce Mubayiwa, the LinkedIn Coach, both speaking at the #YouthDayTweetup.

“Tweetups are social meet-ups where we get together and chat about Twitter and how we use in our daily lives,” asserts Ramon Thomas, the new organiser of Joburg Tweetups. “The key to networking is meeting people and establishing trust, honesty and respect. Tweetups are the perfect platform for formal networking and informal networking.”

To grow Tweetups we add value to Twitter users by providing a safe and fun environment for them to meet, chat, laugh and network. As we launch the #YouthDayTweetup in Soweto, we acknowledge the revolution that broke the camel’s back, took place exactly 30 years before Twitter launched in 1976. Twitter made headlines over the last two years as the main ingredient in the Arab Spring uprisings across the Middle East.


Melanie Minnaar Soweto #YouthDayTweetup speakerAfter lunch starting 2pm three speakers will address the #YouthDayTweetup discussing how they use Twitter in their personal and professional lives.

  • Bruce Mubayiwa: a top LinkedIn Coach is proud to be African. He loves LinkedIn & Social Media, Technology & Innovation. He uses Twitter to motivating & uplifting others with solid advice on careers and business networking.
  • Haroun Kola: Eco geek, blogger and social entrepreneur has a diverse experience using Twitter ranging from topics on the the spiritual life to subtleties of software. He will talk on how he makes money from blogging.
  • Melanie Minnaar: is managing director of Halo, a marketing agency. She’s a mom to archangels, wife to an IT geek and proudly part of the Chinese diaspora. Her passion on Twitter is annual Twitter Blanket Drive #TBDZA which had collected over 1,000 blankets for homeless children.


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Media Contacts

: To interview any of our speakers before or during the #YouthDayTweetup contact them directly

  • Ramon Thomas: 081 4399 555
  • Bruce Mubayiwa: 072 385 8520
  • Haroun Kola: 084 511 7613
  • Melanie Minnaar: 082 880 4855

South African Social Network FACTS


Andrew Horton's Social Media Strategy

Andrew Horton PSASA professional speaker memberDate: Wednesday, 8 February 2012
Time: 7pm – 9pm
Venue: Bryanston Sports Club
Speaker: Professional Member, Andrew Horton

Members attend for nothing. Guests R200. Please book your place with Simone Scholtz.

Discover How Andrew Horton Made R500 000 in Speaking and Training Engagements
Out Of Social Media in 2011

This is a practical presentation, which is packed with real ideas, tools and concepts, that I have tested and proved effective, in the laboratory of my own speaking business over the past few years. My social media strategy has seen me earn more than R 500000-00 from my social media activities during 2011. My goal in 2012 is to double this. I do not understand or speak about the buttons to push, this talk delivers practical social media strategies and sound business principles that when applied, will deliver similar results in your speaking business. I will highlight the need to be a great matchmaker, networker and strategic marketer and how to leverage social and online marketing as a power tool to accelerate and assist these efforts. Yes we need to be seen, build credibility for our brand and bring attention to our businesses. So it is imperative that we have a blog, comment on other peoples blogs, retweet things that are aligned with our vision and values and most importantly, we must make online intros between people that we feel will benefit from connecting with each other.

These new high-tech methods of networking has opened new doors of opportunity. We can very easily identify and meet the right people and have direct access to our markets. This ability to communicate a relevant message that is of value to our market makes creating awareness about our products and services simple. It allows us to appear to have a very large presence in the market place. When managed properly all this marketing will not cost you a dime, which is ideal for businesses on a tight budget.

My goal is to show you a few online marketing and social media tips that I have used very successfully in my own speaking business as effective marketing tools. This will give you access to a system that will allow you to leverage maxim advantage from technology for very little cost. During this entire process, always stay focused on building only mutually beneficial relationships and you will have the added benefit of enriching your life too.

The art of connecting, referring, helping people and sharing information about products and services has not changed. Networking remains a mutually beneficial process where people share ideas, leads, information, resources and support each other. None of these universal truths has changed. The main thing technology has changed is the pace of discovering the right people to connect with and number of contacts we can make in a very short space of time has grown exponentially.

Please book your place with Simone Scholtz


18h00 – Speakers Forum
19h00 – Convene and welcome, Welcome new members to chapter
19h10 – Andrew HortonSocial Media Strategy
20h00 – Snacks and networking
21h30 – Workshop: Back of Room Sales – Andrew Horton
22h00 – General feedback

PSASA Members attend for nothing. Guests R200.


nFold seeks Entrepreneur – Software Salesperson with Proposal Talent

Sandy Pullinger, founder of NFoldLinked-In Buddy, Do you know someone who fits this description? If so, please ask them to send a CV to

Software Salesperson with Proposal Talent

You want to sell software, consulting and training. If you are hungry to succeed and you have the following attributes and skills, then please apply for this permanent full-time position with a low basic salary and generous commission structure.

Attributes: The ideal candidate will be entrepreneurial, enjoys networking, is a good hunter, closes small deals quickly, and is also able to negotiate bigger deals at executive level. You write winning proposals and build lasting relationships with clients, but do not make promises that can’t be kept. You are self-motivated, persistent, diligent, and you have marketing savvy. You are eager to earn, learn, lead, and teach or mentor others. You speak English clearly and fluently and enjoy telephone interaction, client meetings, presentations and demos. We prefer female or affirmative action candidates, although all suitable applications will be considered. Good customer and manager references essential. The successful candidate must have own transport that is reliable and will be appointed on a one-month trial basis.

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