Using MOOC to upgrade Education in Rural Areas
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UNISA has made distance learning a common practise in South Africa. It’s position is entrenched more so after the 2004 merger with Technikon RSA. The next evolution in distance learning beyond e-learning or computer-based training is Massive Open Online Courses or MOOC. This is made possible with the pervasiveness of broadband Internet. MOOC is a

Norton: Cybercrime cost $110 billion last year
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The yearly Norton Cybercrime report (.pdf) analyses how cybercrime affects consumers, and how emerging technology — including mobile and cloud computing — impacts security. As mobile technology and bring your own device (BYOD) schemes insinuate themselves into the corporate sphere — blending personal and professional communication — businesses need to take note. This year’s release comprises of

Social Media breaks barriers in South Africa
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Social networking in South Africa has crossed the age barrier, the urban/rural divide and even the relationship gap, according to research findings announced today. The /South African Social Media Landscape 2012/ study, produced by technology market researchers World Wide Worx and information analysts Fuseware, shows that the fastest growing age group among Facebook users in

Blogging about Jacob Zuma not Malema
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Blogging about politicians seems to be a sure-fire way to get extra traffic. Politicians like South African President, Jacob Zuma, is constantly in the news. All his speeches like those by Julius Malema feature heavily in the local news media and social media, sparking several fake profiles and debates in the last year especially. Back

Cyber-policing vs IT Security Awareness
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In December the Postbank lost R42 million to hackers. Afterwards experts called for a new cyber policing strategy. After 20 years on the Internet I did not know we had a cyber policing strategy in place. During 1997-2003 I worked for major Internet Service Providers and three banks running their IT Security. If South Africa has

Social media goes mainstream in South Africa
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Recently World Wide Worx, one of our partner companies, released the definitive study on the social media landscape in South Africa. Instead of simply republishing the press release with the research findings, I also include a short email interview with the co-author, Mike Wronski. The questions we answer in the report deal with the specific

Jonathan Jansen: Dear President Zuma. I am writing to you out of desperation.
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This open letter is reprinted without permission from the Times website. I feel very strong about education, and Prof Jansen is one of the few voices that speak with authority about education in South Africa. For real practical solutions I highly recommend the work of John Taylor Gatto. Desperation is an emotion I seldom feel,

IT Skills Shortage Is Proving Costly
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As insufficient numbers of IT professionals graduate from tertiary institutions the skills gap continues to widen. Greg Vercellotti, executive director of Dariel Solutions, says graduate numbers are remaining the same or dropping, while requirements in the industry are constantly increasing. “It’s a global problem, but SA is probably worse off than the rest of the

Report On Cellular Payment Systems In South Africa
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This report is republished with permission from the author, Reuel Leach. You may contact him for more advise on saving money when using cellphones and Internet access on his cell 082 211 2619 Do you know what you are paying on your cellular bill every month. Maybe you do, but have you ever wondered what

Invictus conquered by heart
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The 2010 Soccer Worldcup is upon us in South Africa. My mood changes from mild excitement to complete ecstasy day by day as we draw closer. This is surely one of the biggest mass events ever to be hosted on the African continent and I cannot be more proud to be a South Africa during