Democratic Alliance leads elections race in Internet performance

An in-depth analysis of the Internet strategy of the main political parties in South Afrca‚Äôs 2009 general elections reveals that the Democratic Alliance has a substantial lead in online performance over its rivals. The African National Congress comes in a Read More →

Podcast – Jeremy Maggs interview on SAFM

This was one of the best interviews I’ve done on the topic of Facebook and MXit ever. Also interviewed with me was Lynne Cawood, director of Childline Gauteng and Steven Ambrose, director of World Wide Worx Strategy. The interview was Read More →

How is online social networking websites impacting children's ability to communicate

This morning I was interviewed by Jeremy Maggs on the After 8 Debate (SAFM). The question on this debate is: are online social networking tools, such as Facebook, MXit & MySpace retarding our children’s ability to communicate? Lynne Cawood, director Read More →