How To Manage Your Digital Afterlife

Manage Your Digital AfterlifeIf the psychologist Carl Jung was alive today, he may have said, your digital world is your shadow. In many ways it’s the best representation of your personality and your aspirations because of its interactive nature. When you misrepresent yourself, you’re bound to receive feedback pointing this out.

Twitter streams are like a public journals of your daily activities, for others it’s a place to share inspiration quotes or topics you are passionate about. With the large-scale adoption of Smartphones many pieces of information about your life are automatically added to your digital persona.

In 2011, Adam Ostrow delivered a TED Talk about how to manage your digital afterlife. He posits that our lives will live on indefinitely in the Cloud. There is an increasing number of services to manage your profiles after you die. Google is one of the leaders because of the sheer scope of their reach from email to Youtube, to the forthcoming Google Glass project.

In the final solution we determine what memories we leave behind are important, because those are the ones we’ve chosen to share. Videos and photos may leave a bigger legacy than your blog because. It is through pictures our senses leap into action, remembering the sound of a voice, how they smelled or how it felt when they gave you a hug.

In April 2013, my friend, Andre August, passed away. Just last year I helped him setup his Gmail and Facebook accounts, so he can get in touch with old friends. When I received the devastating news of his heart attack, I resolved to turn his Facebook profile into a tribute. First I posted an announcement of his death and messages flooded in. A few days later I posted the funeral information and people responded. In all the years I used social media, nothing was as gratifying as when printed messages posted on his Facebook, and gave it to his 81-year-old mother.

When we die, we leave behind people, we leave behind memories. People rarely print out photos like they used to because everyone just keeps them on digital devices. Cloud storage of these digital memories will become more valuable as people are afraid to lose them. In a world filled with smart technologies where your data is automatically synced between phone, tablet, laptop or the Cloud, you have nothing to worry about; except maybe a little bit of your privacy.

In the future there will be the equivalent of the digital undertaker whose job is to clean up your profiles and preserve it for posterity. Holograms of the late rapper Tupac “resurrected” in 2012 leads to interesting alternatives to reincarnation. It is conceivable with the sophisticated artificial intelligence emerging, that can process the billions of tweets, status updates, blog posts, accurate psycho-graphic profiles of people may be developed. Using well established techniques of psychological profiling to identifying serial killers and other groups, your digital personality may one day amuse your great-great-grandchildren like Harry Seldon in the Isaac Asimov novel, Foundation.




#edchat Join Weekly Twitter Chat on Education

Twitter workshops Ramon Thomas South AfricaA twitter chat for the South African education community takes place from 20h30 to 21h30 each Monday evening GMT+2. Private school teachers and public schools teachers have an open conversation about children, teaching, learning and technology.

To vote for your choice of topic for the coming week, please head over to #edchatsa website and add your voice!

General Information

  • Who? Any person with an interest in education in South Africa.
  • When can you participate? The community will gather for specific chats on a Monday evening from 20h30 until 21h30. However, the conversation can continue at any time by simply adding the #edchatsa hashtag to a tweet.
  • What should you contribute? Anything of value to the conversation – ideas, thoughts, arguments, links, resources.
  • What should you avoid? Please do not spam the stream! Do not add your own website unless it is related to the conversation and would be of value to the participants.

How do I keep up with the chat?

There are several ways to do this, but it is important to note that as the chat becomes more popular it will become almost impossible to see all the tweets and be involved in every conversation thread. This must not put you off being involved! With a bit of practice it becomes easier to filter out the ‘noise’ and focus on a few threads which interest you.

Contact our office to get assistance with Twitter. We conduct Twitter workshops for Teachers or Parents at schools across South Africa.


Top 10 Motivational Speakers on Twitter

Top 10 South African motivational speakers on TwitterThere is one sure way to get people attention, and that is to compare them to others in their industry or sector. A recent controversy spawned this list. In 2011 I experimented with various SEO techniques. SEO is the science of optimising web pages to rank higher in search engines like Google or Bing.

For the last 15 years on the Web, this was the best way people found your website. The growing influence of social media is shifting the local of control from Google and Yahoo as sources of traffic.

Anyway, we present here the Top 10 South African Motivational Speakers on Twitter:




Vusi Thembekwayo 6608 Vusi Thembekwayo #1 SA Speaker on TwitterVusi is a Speaker, Venture Capitalist, Entrepreneur and Father. Ranked 10th in ‘Johannesburg’ on twitaholic I do not understand why his tweets are currently protected.After 10667 tweets, and a new Facebook campaign to “Stop NYDA” it’s clear that Mr Thembekwayo values this particular social media platform highly.
Estienne de Beer 1590 Estienne de Beer is a Wildlife Motivational Speaker to corporate companies with his 1 hour inspirational talk = Meerkat Motivation for the Marketplace. After 201 tweets it seems mostly like self promotion and no real conversations. Low frequency twitter users are unable to leverage social media influence. Therefore they’re ranked 154th in their ‘South Africa’ on twitaholic!
Guy Lundy 1550 Guy broke into the public consciousness because of his book “South Africa: The Good News.” As CEO of Accelerate Cape Town, he is a well-respected futurist, strategist, writer, speaker and seems like Clem Sunter’s heir apparent in my view.
Douglas Kruger 1301 Douglas is an acquaintance and fellow Toastmasters member. Professional Speaker, Author, and Trainer with several books under his belt. He speaks on expert-positioning and hamster-thinking. He reached 2nd place at Toastmasters global speaking competition in 2004. His tweets are informative, funny and personal.
Michael Jackson 1057 Mr Jackson is a worldwide professional speaker on global business trends & change. With 1834 tweets he is reasonable active and tweeting Zwelinzima Vavi and other high profile people. He is ranked 1st in the location ‘Usually on an aircraft’ and has a great sense of humour.
Wolfgang Riebe 1015 Wolfgang is an established International Inspirational Keynote Speaker, Mind Shift Guru, MC & Comedy Corporate Illusionist. My friend and UFOlogist Cristo Louw brought him to my attention a few years ago. He’s also the most recent President of the Professional Speakers Association
Jono Quail 963 Jono came to my attention because of his run in with the law regarding his car number plate. He is founder & CEO, & Inspirational Speaker, Trainer, Values & Transformation Expert, Business Consultant, Life & Success Coach & Spiritual Teacher. After 1657 tweets he is active.
Robin Banks 578 Robin is the official trainer of John Kehoe’s MindPower seminars in South Africa. He’s an international Motivational Speaker and Mind Power Coach in his own right now. With only 25 tweets he is clearly lacking a strategy or a PA savvy enough to update his Twitter.
Andrew Horton 426 Business and Success Coach, Key Note Speaker,;
Billy Selekane 228 The Professional Speakers Association award him with special recognition in Durban earlier this year. I am an Author , Inspirational Keynote Speaker, Facilitator and Businessman. I am Executive Chairman of The Billy Selekane Group

Incoming search terms:


Joburg Tweetups launches on Youth Day

This Youth Day the first ever Joburg Tweetup takes place in Soweto. The event hosted by Internet evangelist, Ramon Thomas, takes place on Saturday, June 16 at the renowned Wandies Place starting 1pm. We invite you to join this special occasion, raising awareness of the extraordinary power of social media among to youth of South Africa’s largest township.

Haroun Kola Blogger Your Day Tweetup SpeakerHaroun“As Twitter drives social change and social networks become mainstream, the youth have a critical role to play driving the communication channels of tomorrow.  The 160 character limitation of Twitter is an ideal medium for kids brought up on a diet of SMS-lingo,” says Haroun Kola, one of the speakers at the #YouthDayTweetup.

Joburg Tweetups have grown to over 400 members since launching in 2009. Many of the members are among the most influential or Twitterati like Melanie Minnaar, the founder of Twitter Blanket Drive and Bruce Mubayiwa, the LinkedIn Coach, both speaking at the #YouthDayTweetup.

“Tweetups are social meet-ups where we get together and chat about Twitter and how we use in our daily lives,” asserts Ramon Thomas, the new organiser of Joburg Tweetups. “The key to networking is meeting people and establishing trust, honesty and respect. Tweetups are the perfect platform for formal networking and informal networking.”

To grow Tweetups we add value to Twitter users by providing a safe and fun environment for them to meet, chat, laugh and network. As we launch the #YouthDayTweetup in Soweto, we acknowledge the revolution that broke the camel’s back, took place exactly 30 years before Twitter launched in 1976. Twitter made headlines over the last two years as the main ingredient in the Arab Spring uprisings across the Middle East.


Melanie Minnaar Soweto #YouthDayTweetup speakerAfter lunch starting 2pm three speakers will address the #YouthDayTweetup discussing how they use Twitter in their personal and professional lives.

  • Bruce Mubayiwa: a top LinkedIn Coach is proud to be African. He loves LinkedIn & Social Media, Technology & Innovation. He uses Twitter to motivating & uplifting others with solid advice on careers and business networking.
  • Haroun Kola: Eco geek, blogger and social entrepreneur has a diverse experience using Twitter ranging from topics on the the spiritual life to subtleties of software. He will talk on how he makes money from blogging.
  • Melanie Minnaar: is managing director of Halo, a marketing agency. She’s a mom to archangels, wife to an IT geek and proudly part of the Chinese diaspora. Her passion on Twitter is annual Twitter Blanket Drive #TBDZA which had collected over 1,000 blankets for homeless children.


— ENDS —

Media Contacts

: To interview any of our speakers before or during the #YouthDayTweetup contact them directly

  • Ramon Thomas: 081 4399 555
  • Bruce Mubayiwa: 072 385 8520
  • Haroun Kola: 084 511 7613
  • Melanie Minnaar: 082 880 4855

South African Social Network FACTS


Social media tools

Social Media Tools Ramon Thomas South AfricaThere are plenty of social media tools that can be used in the different social media internet sites. These social media tools were set up to be used to enhance the different activities that one can do in these websites. There are tools that provide and edit pictures, video and audio files. Some social media tools are measuring tools or enhancement tools that can make one’s website more accessible to the public. There are social media tools that manage the content of the pages that are to be published in the websites

The more important social media tools are blogging tools and twitter tools that maximize the use of these activities in developing a market for those engaged in internet marketing. Blogging and tweeting are by themselves social media tools that can be used to enhance the value of an account or website. The numerous social media sites dominating the internet today has inspired many developers to provide more social media tools that can be used in conjunction with the popular websites.

Those who wish to make use of the different major social media internet sites are advised to rely on advisors or coaches who offer their services and who can determine which of the social media tools are applicable for one’s situation. These coaches can provide effective methods of using the facilities of the different websites and utilize these sites as possible outlets for the products or ideas that their clients may wish to sell. It must be understood that the techniques and skills that can be used to fully convert one’s contacts in the social internet sites to actual customers have been carefully studied and planned by experts who are willing to impart their knowledge and to show their clients the best way to use the different social media tools to achieve this goal.


Short History of Social Media

Amidst the sudden ascent of LinkedIn, Twitter, Groupon, and of course, Facebook, it’s easy to forget that social media actually has a bit of a history going back more than 30 years. Really?

Law firm Morrison & Foerster has put together just such a timeline graphic of online communities in its latest issue of Socially Aware, the only newsletter focusing on legal and business issues surrounding social media. (see page 4).

A Short History of Social Media” goes back to February 1978 – date of the first dial-up CBBS, as in computerized bulletin board service. Other SM milestones you may have forgotten or slept through:

  • 1995: launch of personal home-page server Geocities, later purchased by Yahoo! for whopping $3.6 billion. Geocities was ultimately shut down in 2009.
  • 1997: launch of Kevin Bacon-inspired, which soon claims a breakthrough one MILLION users.
  • August 1999: introduction of first web plain vanilla blog service, Blogger, which went on to be acquired by Google.
  • March 2002: debut of warm-and-fuzzy Friendster, which peaks a few years later before fading out like the Winkelvoss twins at the end of a regatta.
  • July 2003: birth of MySpace, which sets new standard for personalized networking and branding; company acquired by News Corp. in 2005 for euphoric $580 million, only to be unloaded this past June to a digital media buyer (one of whose investors is Justin Timberlake) for $35 million.
  • December 2006: Facebook rejects bid to be acquired by Yahoo! for measly price of….$1 billion.

Now, of course, the mileposts are coming in nanoseconds – from LinkedIn’s rocket-launch IPO this past May to Twitter’s jaw-dropping marker of delivering 350 BILLION Tweets per day upon reaching just its fifth anniversary in July.

Socially Aware is to social media legal/business news what TMZ is to gossip: breezy, short bites and all over the map. A tight-knit group of nearly two dozen Morrison & Foerster tech, IP, privacy, litigation, venture capital and other lawyers closely monitors social media news sites, blogs, online publications and Twitter feeds to grab the freshest industry topics and provide a knowing spin. Socially Aware was good enough to earn a coveted Burton Award for excellence in legal writing and analysis in just its first year of publication.

“We’re reaching well beyond other lawyers – including marketing professionals, business development specialists, digital strategists, brand managers, investors, start-up owners and others” said Morrison & Foerster technology transactions partner John Delaney, one of several top editors of Socially Aware who also created the social media timeline. The newsletter has more than 15,000 regular subscribers and is drawing more than 100 new readers a month – hot numbers for a law firm bulletin without a single footnote or case citation.

More importantly, Socially Aware is generating billable work. Delaney notes that the newsletter has helped bring in new client matters on behalf of a large bank, a global manufacturer and multinational insurer, a leading media company and an international technology company, among other businesses grappling with a wide range of social media agendas. Example: the firm is advising one financial services firm in structuring an innovative contest on Facebook.

Socially Aware is in keeping with Morrison & Foerster’s high technology IQ — the firm was the first major law firm to develop an iPhone App. Morrison Foerster also publishes MoFo Tech, a quarterly magazine featuring longer news features on all aspects of tech business – from patent valuations to IPOs, venture capital and data privacy.

Other news notes from the new Socially Aware:

• An organization called Medical Justice joins the growing online reputation-management industry by recommending that doctors – precluded by patient confidentiality from responding to negative online reviews – require patients to sign away their rights to complain, but also assign doctors copyrights to any such reviews. The issue makes DMCA experts squirm, while medical ethicists say it might violate doctors’ oaths to place patients’ medical interests before their own financial needs.

• What’s the problem with using social media to raise money? If the amount is, say, $300 million to buy a beer company, with a promise of part ownership, the SEC just might respond with a cease and desist order. “Crowdfunding” – fundraising through social media sites – is currently subject to state and federal securities laws, though crowdfunding advocates are pushing for an exemption. Socially Aware addresses the potential for fraud and other abuse that might come with an SEC exemption.

Additional topics include a concise overview of the Kerry-McCain privacy bill now before Congress; limitations to safe harbor rules protecting web-site operators from liability for user-generated content; reaction to the latest revisions to Facebook’s user guidelines; and the decision by Twitter’s co-founders to step away and create a new venture that will be a global force for good.

Socially Aware will shortly become an actively updated blog. Until then, here’s the link again to a PDF of the current issue.


Joburg Tweet-Up Name Tags and Event Tweets

Received this email from the eminent Ryan A. Gibson, organiser of Joburg Tweet-ups

This is our second tweet-up (#JHBtweetup) and it is looking great for attendance. I want to welcome the new members as you have helped this group double in size.

Please send your twitter name to me so that I can prepare your name tags for the event. You can email it to or DM me @ryanagibson.

Also, for the sake of helping market the event I would appreciate a tweet either letting people know about the tweet-up which people can register or letting people know you are going. If your friends know your going, then you might have more friends go as well. Its nice to see familiar faces, and if you invited them… they come there to meet you. So its a nice thing to remember to do, just let your followers know your coming. If you registered No for the event and can’t make it, a tweet would still be appreciated. Hopefully you can manage to find a way out of that other party… this one will be better 🙂



It is a tweet-up, I will ask MLM people to leave…if you prospect. If I hear one independently wealthy working towards being a millionaire… Kidding, but be respectful if you are. Thanks. It is for twitter users… not MLM.


Twitter is indeed a disaster waiting for happen

This morning I read some good insights about the continued failure of Twitter by my industry colleague Paul Jacobson. Paul is easily the top attorney-blogger active in the South African social media scene. So now I am once again seriously considering a shift of focus from Twitter back to my own blogs, where I have 100% control. This thinking is also in line with the ideas on FREEDOM from Technology Terrorism I’ve been developing in my upcoming book, The Psychology of Technology.

Why do you think Twitter is going to keep falling over and eventually users will leave it in droves purely out of frustration from the inconsistent uptime of the platform being used. I also highly recommend Usability Guru Jakob Nielsen’s insights into Twitter postings.