Matthew Buckland: Future of the Web

Matthew Buckland, MD of Creative Spark, talks about the future of the web for the Ogilvy #HowToFriday in 2012. This was a very good overview of the current and forthcoming trends in social media, smartphones and the Web. I’m very glad he emphasises the importance of Privacy as we move towards augmented reality, the Facebook effect applied to smart devices.

I first met Matt Buckland in 2004 when he was Editor of Mail & Guardian Online. He was very gracious in allowing me to interview him for my original research into the online dating industry in South Africa.


Imagine the Possibilities

Imagine The Possibilities – Turning Nothing Into Something. Jim Rohn was a legend. It was only after he died that his style, his passion and his sincerity began to touch me. There is something poetic about the way he speaks. This is an excerpt from one of his lectures. If you feel like you have nothing today, this video is just for you.


Queensland Flood – Appeal to Youtube

My friend Anthony Larter sent me this on email. Even though I’ve never been to Australia I’m posting this message because over 100,000 people have been affected by these floods. South African weather bureau has also predicted floods in different parts of South Africa. Someone on Twitter recently mentioned 2010 was the hottest and wettest year in the history of the world – it’s probably better to say since weather patterns have been recorded in the last few 100 years or so. So many South Africans live in Australia, I’m sure some of them are affected.

My friend, Ryan created this video last night as an appeal to YouTube to donate all the revenue earned by the advertisements they force us to watch when opening a YouTube video. Since there are hundreds of videos arriving on YT from the Queensland floods, we thought that we’d appeal to them to donate all the money to the Premier Flood Appeal account. We’re hoping that by sending this video around to everybody
we know (even if they don’t live in Australia or are affected) so that we can get as many views as possible, so they take notice.

Please help out our Australian friends by forwarding this link to everyone you know.

Make a donation directly to Premier Flood Relief for Queensland here…


Why do skinny girls have fat friends? Khaya Dlanga has the answer…

Khaya Dlanga is probably South Africa’s top video blogger. His Youtube channel has over 10,000 subscribers. So he recently posted this awesome video about why skinny girls may have fat friends. His conclusion is that skinny girls have fat friends because it makes them feel better about themselves. On a more practical level when they go out together the skinny girl will get hit on more because most guys are not going to approach the fat girl first. Anyway decide for yourself if you concur with Khaya’s theory after watching his video featuring several interviews with girls around his office, all of whom seem to be thin.


Al Ries on why the iPhone will fail because it’s a convergence device

This is hilarious to watch even a year after it was originally posted because the Apple iPhone is not coming to South Africa. What makes this valuable is the great overview of his concept of divergence and how he applies it the technology industry and specifically the cellphone industry. In the words of Al Ries the iPod is a divergence device and the iPhone is a convergence device – doomed to failure over the long term. What he means is that it will never become a market leader in its industry. And this goes for all smart phones – doomed to a fraction of the global market and nothing more.

If you enjoyed this video I highly recommend all the video archives in the Ries Reports on Youtube.