Today I went to the gym and half way through my workout I saw this amazing women. She was so elegant and she was so lady like. Wearing a floral dress and have her hair tied in ponytail down the back of her neck. She was also wearing a shoe with a heal that accentuated her ankle and calves to some extent. The dress came to just below her knees. Caring her bag and walking so gracefully through the gym as if she was floating on air. A sight that is seldom seen these days after the Women’s Liberation Movement changed the role of modern western women forever.

The great spiritual teacher of our time Osho as well as David Deida explains that the feminine mysteriousness is what creates the ultimate attraction between a man and a woman. As women loose their femininity they become unnatural. Women should be equal but similarity should be dropped. Osho says they should become as dissimilar as possible, keeping their uniqueness as women. When they become more and more feminine the mystery deepens. So much can be learned from the simplicity of earlier life. So I say to all women reading this if you’re unhappy in your dating and relationships become more feminine. Do whatever it takes to embrace this and you will make significant progress in the happiness you will enjoy into the future.