Genevieve HowardTonight I went to the recording of a special episode of eTV soap, SCANDAL with my friend Sieraaj Ahmed, a journalist at You magazine. I met the gorgeous Genevieve Howard, formally a Goodhope FM DJ and several other beautiful women. What’s funny about her is that she looks pretty plain most of the time in her characters she plays on television, while in real life she is absolutely stunning. And for this particular episode they cast was all dressed up and done up. Eventually I walked away with the phone number of one of the other woman who was on set. Maybe I should have charmed or “gamed” Genevieve some more but at the time she was engaged to her co-star Clint Brink.

Every time I opened my mouth the things that came out were witty and sometimes even cocky and funny. One woman was going on about being worth a lot more and some guy not being able to afford her. I said while passing by…”this is the sound of a woman who doesn’t have a lot of sex…” She was okay but nothing to write home about compared to the other women at CARFAX, the venue. And I certainly saw that bitchy attitude a mile away.

Lesson learned: Talk to celebrities like normal people, and tease the women like you would any other women. Don’t be like all the other guys trying to buy them drinks, instead just be cool, calm and collected without seeking their approval. They are just people like you and me, they eat, drink, and fart like we all do, even Genevieve Howard.