I accidentally found myself at the Beauty Africa exhibition today briefly meeting with a client from Cape Town who was in Johannesburg attending this event at the Sandton Convention Centre. Well head on over there to meet some gorgeous women and some reall handsome men. As with these types of event and this industry I cannot vouch for how many of the men are straight 😉 Its still running till tomorrow 17 July 2006.

Last night I went to Moloko in Rosebank, one of the top nightclubs in Johannesburg and it was like a model convention. The last time I had such a great time at Moloko was in December. It was like Beauty Africa, a model convention :-> So some tips for the guys at these types of events. Always go early and speak to the bouncers and the waiters. If you can remember their names even better. Later on the evening you will be passing by them or they will be passing by you and every time they greet you its social proof. And also speak to girls when they walk past you. Just stop them and tell them to introduce themselves before they can pass. Do this with a big smile so they can see its not serious. I did this several times and it worked like a bomb. Later on when I those same girls passed me I got hugges and with one in particular I got her rubbing herself against me, dancing a bit and a kiss. This was all achieved with confident body language. No pickup lines or any planned openers as the seduction community teaches men.

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