Mobile porn market set to explode

This is not surprising news for me because my associate, Arthur Goldstuck, has made a similar prediction back in Feb 2005. This website is not about morality but it is about reality. And all you have to do in South Read More →

Toast to Toastmasters

Tonight I won two awards at my local Toastmasters meeting. Toastmasters International is a non-profit organisation that helps individuals improve their public speakings. My club is has meetings twice a month at Old Ed’s (next to the Virgin Active) in Read More →

Broadband: The premise of a social web

As you may have written down in you diary that a major event to attend in November was the 2006 MyADSL Broadband Conference held at Vodaworld, Midrand, South Africa. That was one of the many ICT related forum focusing directly Read More →

Neotel's Broadband Future

A lot has been said and debated at different ICT industry forums about Neotel’s dream work and missions. But there has’nt been as yet more rigorous and easy to measure development, people begin to question the telecs ‘s ability to Read More →

Open Access Networks:A success story

The idea behind Broadband is mainly to open doors for inclusive access- where anyone can play on a fair and none discriminatory, while promoting ensure fair trade. Open Access Networks is one of the few community driven success story. An Read More →

The future of MyWireless: 'No to one size fits all'

Sentech ‘s Portfolio Manager for Broadband Products Winston Smith cheered the crowd as usual with his jokes. Sentech’s MyWireless portable broadband technology complies with international standards to provide a telecommunications platform for connecting to the Internet and other communications networks Read More →