Jakob Nielsen usability guruJakob Nielsen has his eye on the ball. In his latest Alertbox column, which he has been writing since 1996, he explains how we’ve reached 100 million websites. Remember Google and other search engines list “web pages” which is the total and accumulated number of web pages on all websites that they have indexed.

Anyway he estimated that between 2010 and 2012 we’ll break through 200 million websites. And agree with him 100% as more and more companies and individuals create websites or publish blogs (just another form of websites) that number will continue to grow. Yes, the growth has slowed down to 25% but that is still substantial if you think of the amount of websites now on the Internet.

It is also true that blogs and social networking websites like MySpace is contributing to growing the user-base of the Web world. Mobile phones through moblogging is also creating more content generators and therefore more readers. All this bodes very well for online media and advertising industries.

Read Jackon Nielsen’s latest column here. And I highly recommend that you subscribe to his twice a month column on web usability at his Alertbox website.