Microsoft is one of the companies that you love to hate. They are like the JR Ewing of the Computer industry. The big bully that everyone is afraid to upset. Besides the fact that Microsoft has a dominant market share in desktop operating systems and productivity applications, they also have a very huge cash pile in their bank account. The most recent news articles claim that Microsoft has EUR 25 billion in reserves. That’s roughly R231 billion!!! And this is what is the most frighting thing about them because there is no way in hell that anyone can take them on in a legal battle. They laughed when the European Union fined them almost EUR 500 in 2004. Anyway what all this means is that when Microsoft makes threats on Linux code I we should all be concerned. But we should be proactive and ensure that they cannot lay claim on intellectual property within Linux. Mark Shuttleworth’s Ubuntu project is a personal favourite of mine and it is making Linux Desktops easier to install and use then ever before. Linus Torvald, creator of Linux would be proud.

Read the full article about Microsoft’s claim to Linux code here. Let us hope this turns out to be as redicilous as the one by SCO vs. IBM. When most of the Internet is being run on Linux based systems all Internet users must tell Microsoft where to shove it. I certainly plan to do so.