Have ever searched your own name on Google? I do it all the time and the results have become very familiar to me. When you search for “Ramon Thomas” on Google.com this is what you will see:

My own blog and my Amazon.com profile shows up twice making the 10 results displayed at a time on search engine results page (SERP). Why is this important? It wasn’t always like this. Up until about a year ago there were a few other “Ramon Thomas” characters who shared the first page of results with me.

The first thing I do these days when I engage with a new person is I Google them. I want to see how much they have taken control of their online profile. In most cases its none at all or maybe one page. Now what is the value of controlling your online profile? I will be exploring this in a series of articles on this blog where I delve deeper into each one of the above mentioned services.

What I want to stress at this point it that you must remember that the Internet is a one-to-one communication medium. Yes, thousands or even millions of people can be reading your blog or your website but they are doing it one at a time. In this sense you have to cater for that individual when you are writing. And each time someone is search for your name – that is one person at a time