Bloggers represent South Africa at TEDGlobal Conference
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Two of South Africa’s leading bloggers will be attending the first ever TEDGlobal conference in Arusha, Tanzania from 4-7 June 2007. 30 May 2007 (Johannesburg): South Africa will be represented by two of it’s most distinguished bloggers at the TEDGlobal Conference held in Africa for the first time. TED (Technology Entertainment Design) is an annual

Laughing meditation with Rasada Goldblatt
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Tonight I attended my first ever laughing meditation run by my friend Rasada Goldblatt. The laughing meditation is a interesting and unusual way to to reconnect to self. While we did different laughing exercises I realised the moment I start thinking something in my past or something in my future – I would not laughing

Patricia de Lille vs MXit and the Bloggers
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You may have heard Patricia de Lille speaking out on MXit and Blogging over the last few days. Well she was on 702/Cape Talk radio last night. I tuned in towards the tail end of the conversation. Dave Duarte, a blogger, stepped in to defend freedom of expression with blogging. I called in to make

Dating Lessons from Borat
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You may or may not have seen this clip before. Borat has certainly entered the mainstream with the hit movie from 2006. Borat in his usual casual style introduces the topic and explains in a bewildered manner how American women will not get married unless you date them first. Apparently where comes from, in Kazakhstan,

Tony Robbins interview on Larry King Live
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A great interview with Anthony Robbins on Larry King Live from December 2006. They discussed why new year resolutions often don’t work out. And went into depth about some basics around human motivation and effecting change in your life. I really like how Tony links his theories on change back to physiological and biological changes.

Really bad Powerpoint is worse with really bad Speaking
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I am by no means an expert public speaker but I am on my way to becoming one. Why do I say make this statement that sounds slightly arrogant? In fact it’s not arrogant at all it is me brimming with self-confidence because I know that I am learning and practising the basics. The fundamentals

Day 1 – Futurex Conference 2007 – Jaco Viljoen on What makes Business Analysts tick?
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Jaco Viljoen from Software Futures gave one of the most unusual presentations I’ve ever seen in the last 10 years. He spoke about what makes and business analyst tick? He proceeded to explore how our brain functions and also delve very deeply into personality and psychometrics. When you try to understand what makes a car

Day 1 – Futurex Conference 2007 – Cavin Griffiths on Business Intelligence Analysis
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Cavin Griffiths, Executive: Business Intelligence is a speaker from Telkom, one of the sponsors of the Futurex Conference. He spoke at a very high level about business intelligence the key to business success. When you realise how complex organisations have become and especially ones the size of Telkom, you understand there is no solution out

Day 1 – Futurex Conference 2007 – Robin Grace on Where Business Analysis Ends
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Business Analysis is a process produces something of value to the business. The elementary process is the lowest level of work that can be performed with business meaning. It must describe what is done not how. And it’s about describing the business not the technology. Documenting business information rules not entity relationships. Users will perceive

Day 1 – Futurex Conference 2007 – Roger Layton on Project Failures
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Topic: Project Failures Modes: Lessons from the Field Roger Layton is a witty and inspirational speaker. The many years he spent lecturing and training comes through in the smooth delivery of his presentation. He is by far one of the best of the entire Futurex Conference speakers. In light of the eNatis failure people outside