Tonight I attended my first ever laughing meditation run by my friend Rasada Goldblatt. The laughing meditation is a interesting and unusual way to to reconnect to self. While we did different laughing exercises I realised the moment I start thinking something in my past or something in my future – I would not laughing as hard. So laughing is a way to be in this moment.

It’s what Eckart Tolle describes in his book the Power of Now. This is something that I find very difficult to describe because we have so many constant distractions. We have thousands of different things that try to get our attention from people, to billboards, to cellphones, to email, to many other things. And all of this distracts you from being in the moment. Now something else I noticed as well is that the more grief you have experienced, the more laughter you can enjoy. It’s the opposites we live with, the duality of the the universe of time and space. The moment of “now” transcends time and space and is eternal. It’s like that brief moments of feeling completely free or awakened. And as they use to say in the Readers’ Digest: laughter is the best medicine!

Watch this clip from 3Talk with Noeleen featuring Ganda & Rasada.