First part of interview with Damaria Senne
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Damaria Senne, a journalist at ITWeb, recently asked me to do a lengthy and very detailed interview about online and mobile trends and the impact on children for her parenting blog. You can read part 1 of the interview here. Some of the important things I mentioned are as follows ** 2014 updates ** There

Photos of Snow falling in Johannesburg in 2007
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Last night I came home from watching the movie Next. I was freezing by but off walking to mall from my car and back again after the movie. And only when I got home did I realise there were actual snow flakes falling and it was NOT rain. Anyway here’s some photos I took around

Another Philip K Dick novel turned into a movie, Next
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Last I watch the film Next starring Nicolas Cage and the very hot Jessica Biel. Next is based on the latest Philip K Dicknovel, The Golden Man, to be adapted to the big screen. Philip K. Dick is mostly known for his works on Science Fiction and some memorable movies have been based on his

Art of Mastering Your Life with Dr John Demartini
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Dr John Demartini, a philosopher and international speaker presents an inspiring evening talk sharing wisdom and insights to help you to master your life. Be guided with straightforward, practical tips that will help you master and empower the 7 areas of life. Learn the ancient and modern secrets to manifest the life you love! Practical

Apocalypto death to fear and courage reborn
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This past weekend I finally watched the new Mel Gibson film: Apocalypto. This film is set in the ancient Maya civilisation just before the arrival of the first Europeans. It’s graphic in it’s violence and it’s portrayal of the capturing of one tribe by another to be used as slaves and for ritual sacrifice is

Benefits from Blogging for Business seminar in Joburg
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Last Friday, I launched my first Blogging for Business seminar. This workshop has been in development for several months. And the response has been huge. There is such a great opportunity for South African businesses to benefit from blogging. A reminder to those who attended of the core benefits of blogging for business: Become the

Blogging for Business presentation in Durban with
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Last Thursday I delivered the following Blogging for Business presentation for at a breakfast seminar in Durban. This was the most amazing experience because just after I started with my presentation electricity was lost in the whole area. The biggest implication blogging has for business is that you enter into a conversation with our

How would you approach Lee-ann Lienberg?
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I found this posting on of all places. Zoo is making huge strides in the magazine business for men. And here’s a sample of why… So my question to you is how would you approach a woman like Lee-Lee Liebenberg?  

Fake it till you make it when speaking in Durban
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There is a very popular saying in the seduction community that you should fake it till you make it with women. What they mean is that you should pretend you have confidence until you develop real inner confidence. And the same goes for confident body language, etc. This last week I’ve been giving talks on

Dr John Demartini interviewed about his new book the Heart of Love
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The funny thing about this book is that I bought it after listing to his public talk on the topic but I have not read it because its with a friend who needs it more than I do right now. Anyway one of my favourite websites for video content is Conscious Media Network with a