My CNBC Africa interview on Business Networking
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On Wednesday I will be interviewed for the 2nd time on the Kaleidoscope show on CNBC Africa. The focus was on business networking and social networking. Here’s some of the what I covered in the interview with Mandlakazi Mpahlwa: MM: How does a delegate begin to Network? RT: Learn to ask questions. You do not

School for Scoundrels looses the plot
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I recently watched this comedy and was only mildly entertained by it. The more important lesson is that its possible for a shy, nerdy, insecure guy to become confident, social and improve your success with women. So many of the guys who ask me about my coaching programme are infatuated with ONE girl. They miss

My Toastmasters speech on reducing technology stress
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My friend Ronnie Apteker published a book 1999 called “Do you love IT in the morning?” and this was a great play on words because it could imply “it” as in perhaps sex or “IT” as in “Information Technology.” Sadly this book is now out of print and I remember picking up over 50 copies

Jonathan Brunton on the Kevin Carter story
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I am honoured and inspired by you. We are truly kindred spirits, rallying to make this world a better place. A place that is better for you, for me and for everyone! It takes one small gesture to change the destiny of humanity. Wayne Dyer once said ‘Change the way you look at things and

Blog Action Day 2007 – More efficient living in Johannesburg
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A while ago I joined the Blog Action Day campaign and I wasn’t sure what I may write about. However, as I’m in Durban, sitting in my hotel room, I’m feeling exceptionally relaxed. You see in Johannesburg the stress levels are likely to be among the highest in the world. Crime is one of the

Get Ahead in your Career, Work and Job Update
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My friend Yusuf Mahomedy invited me to join his next seminar: WORKSUCKS, MAKE WORK WORK EXPRESS 2007. Get Ahead in your Career, Work & Job like never before. Do you really want to take charge of your career before 2007 ends?Are you ready to create your work success with stuff that is not available to

Mystery Pickup Artist Live Training with Women – Indicators
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The world’s greatest pick-up artist Mystery has recently come into even more public attention through his reality show The Pick-up Artist on VH1. Here’s a great clip where he’s explaining social dynamics to women and the women themselves start to respond to the old adage attraction isn’t a choice…  

Eben Pagan's Secret Weapon: the Mastermind group
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Eben Pagan also known as David DeAngelo is the creator of the Altitude programme for business owners and entrepreneurs. In this video he discusses the Mastermind concept originated by Napoleon Hill. The Double Your Dating business is a blueprint for online success. I have bought many of the products he produced under the pen-name David

Breast Cancer Awareness Month Fundraiser Event
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Learn the Secrets about Cancer the Pharmaceutical Industry does Not want You to Know About Join me for an informative and entertaining video screening at the Preview Theatre. I will be screening two interviews from Conscious Media Network to raise awareness on Cancer and raise funds for Women of Vision. You will learn about alternative

Calling for a Business Blogging Conference in South Africa
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Early in September I was a speaker at the 2nd Digital Citizens Indaba. Last year this conference was immensily valuable to me because it presented an opportunity to meet many of my fellow bloggers from across the African content. This year for me I realised the greater need to teach people how to use blogging