This week I’m expanding my LinkedIn connections. This has become a weekly ritual to expand my network and reach. You’re welcome to connect with Ramon Thomas on  LinkedIn, the business social network.

Anyway, here’s the problem: Business social networking is something I believe is truly valuable. So download my LinkedIn Lessons ebook. You’re welcome to share it with anyone.

Learn how to use business networking with superior social influence by reading my CNBC Africa interview or listen to my interview on LinkToYourWorld podcast

LinkedIn Lessons Ebook

This ebook is an update and revision of How to Double Your Income in 6 Months Using LinkedIn written by Joe Bartling, now more than 2 years old. I have unsuccessfully tried to contact him to seek his permission to update this document. His own blog was last updated in 24 Feb 2007 so I am not sure if he’s still around.

Anyway I’ve always been naturally good with connecting with new people, building rapport quickly when meeting them. At the same time I’ve maintained friendships all the way from primary school to date. When I discovered Joe’s ebook I finally understand, scientifically, how to begin realising the potential of my network. Since then I’ve also become student of communication and influence. In my own business, NETucation, which I started in 2004, I help help people understand online opportunities using the psychology of technology.

LinkedIn is a service designed for one purpose: to help professionals find and connect
with one another more effectively. It’s not designed to be a portal, sell products on eBay,
or search the web for one of a billion innocuous web pages or bargains. I should say up front that I am not a principal, employee or otherwise connected to LinkedIn, Ltd., its investors, or its principals and founders including Reid Hoffman. I’m just another fan of the technology, and if I were to build one focused on business executives and professionals, it would be exactly what LinkedIn already is.


This ebook is only an introduction to social networking for business people. You can explore the following additional resources once you’ve mastered the strategies contained here:

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