Michael TsarionWhat is a “Relationship?”

Is it: Dependency under another name? Insecurity under another name? Vampirism under another name? I’m empty and I need you. You’re empty and you need me!…(often called “Falling in Love“). Christians were told marriage was an alternative to damnation. Better to marry than burn! Fear paves the way.

Relationships! The bane of the Piscean Age, and on its way out. Are you ready? Another question you may want to be asking yourself today and for the rest of your lives…


We always know what it is that we need from others. We often know quickly what others want from us. But finding out what it is that others may subtly make us feel we require from them (and which eventually makes us dependent upon them) is not so obvious. Love is not part of a transaction. It is the most PRIVATE thing there is or can be, in the full sense of that word. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, and don’t continue deluding yourself. Forget what the priests have said, and mummy and daddy, and all those without a clue who, in their egregious error, have made the world what it is today. You won’t get it from the girl or the boy, the man or the woman, or from Jesus, or Allah. So stop looking for it in where it is not to be found! Realize that this very looking and seeking arises because of its absence within. The deer smells the tree bark for the musk produced by its own glands. You could laugh at that paradox. There is a greater madness abroad:

Men looking for love from a stranger, for that which only his own heart and mind can produce. This is the secret of man’s delirium.

Republished from the Michael Tsarion Forum on Red Ice Creations.