Genius Mind DVD Paul ScheeleLast night I received the Genius Mind DVD package from Learning Strategies. This is one of several products developed by co-founder Paule Scheele.

So where do you begin? “I am a Magnificent being. I have unlimited, untapped Genius resources within me that I can learn to use expand the usage of my mind, breaking through any past limitations and exploring the magnificence of my full potential.”

The key to my achieving this, is learning how to learn. When you were a baby, you learned about the world by the way you experience it . You learned to understand the world by the things you saw, the sounds that you heard, the aromas that filled the air that you breathed, the different tastes that tickled your pallet and the way everything you touched gave me it a definite feel about the world you lived in. You were completely absorbed in whatever it was you were trying to learn about. Every action was a learning experience and you were alive with energy, excited all the time to try something different and learn something new, something that wasn’t taught.

It was almost all instinctive. It was usually a lesson of the universal creative primal instinct. The world was yours for the taking, because your mind was not able to conceive failure. One of the core pre-suppositions in NLP is: There is NO Failure, only Feedback.

The concept of failure is not something that comes naturally to you. It is a learned behaviour throughout our lives from your parents, your peers, your religion, your schools and universities, the media and society in general. You are taught early in life to trust external powers (thereby giving your power away to outside authority) rather than your own intuition; to teach you what they think you should know about the world you live in. So you trust yourself less and less, and live more and more, in the shadow of someone else, someone whom you are putting on a pedestal. The result is that you spend your whole life searching for your Magnificent Genius, which becomes like a dream.

You need to be less conscious of others, and more conscious of you non-conscious selves by expanding yourself into the universe with an attitude of greatness. This means stepping out of your comfortable shadows and releasing your fears, noticing the opportunities around you that stimulate your brain and respond to it.

Immerse yourself in creative primal thinking, trying to gain as much experience as you can, in what you want to learn. In doing it your way, you are already successful in using all your individual parts to awaken the Genius in you. And in doing more of what brings you success, you will experience more of your magnificence and you will start to trust in your own Magnificent Genius. Your world is yours for the taking. Own it!