Stan Relihan Sydney Autralia LinkedIn userThe Connections Show is a weekly podcast hosted by Stan Relihan, one of Australia’s most connected LinkedIn users, and a professional recruiter based in Sydney. This is one of the most practically useful business podcasts I’ve discovered on the Web. And it’s a real surprise that it comes from Australia, not America like most of the other podcasts I subscribe to using Apple iTunes. So far there’s been 23 shows and I listen to them religiously. One of the motivations is that it’s only 20 minutes long. This allows you to digest the information quickly and easily in this attention deficient age we all live in.

Some of the shows that stand out for me are the following:

  • Conversations with a LION – Christian Mayaud
  • A Taste of LinkedIn Intelligence – Scott Allen
  • Talking with the Queen of LinkedIn Q&A – Sheliah Etheridge
  • Secrets of Successful Selling – Craig Elias
  • King of Yahoo! Groups – Vincent Wright

There is a great need for short, high quality podcasts like this one, which is also exceptionally well targeted to a growing niche. Stan Relihan, the host of this podcast does a good job most of time in getting the best from the guests. Every now and then there is a disconnect between the topics discussed and LinkedIn or business networking. And this could create problems for future shows if it continues to be a weekly. That would require over 50 guests, some of which deservingly could feature a 2nd time like the above mentioned people.

So I recommend you subscribe to The Connections Show or at least listen to a few shows directly from the Podcast Network, where it’s hosted. You may also be interested in my new business social networking workshops in South Africa, where I teach how to use online networking tools to increase your sales, grow your revenue and boost your profile in your industry.